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Danish woman ‘who killed more than 100 ISIS militants is treated like a TERRORIST at home'

Joanna Palani, 23, claims to have killed more than 100 militants after giving up her studies to travel to the Middle East to fight ISIS. She also allegedly freed a group of women and children who were being held as sex slaves by ISIS militants. However, since returning to Denmark she has been forced into hiding and claims she is ...

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Barack Obama kitesurfs with Sir Richard Branson as row over Trump's travel ban heats up

Sir Richard posted videos and photographs of the pair kitesurfing and frolicking in the water, with the former US President making the most of his newfound free time on their holiday together. The duo made the most of the waves as they relaxed on Mosquito Island in the British Virgin Islands – an island which the Virgin Group founder bought ...

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‘I’m not sure I’m convincing the court’ Donald Trump made to sweat on ‘Muslim ban’ ruling

Attorney August Flentje, a special counsel for the US Justice Department said: “I’m not sure I’m convincing the court,” as he battled to get Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban lifted at the US appeals court. Fientje added: “These proceedings have been moving very fast.” As he seemed worried the court has already reached a decision. “Congress has expressly authorised the ...

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BREAKING: Massive earthquake strikes 'ISIS-linked province' on Pakistan coast

The epicentre of the tremendous tremor shook the city of Turban, within Balochistan, the province described as a breeding ground for extremists. Around 79,000 people are said to inhabit the southern city, within a close proximity to the sea, sparking fears of a tsunami. Reports have not confirmed whether the quake which struck the city at at 3.03am local time ...

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Trump 'holding EU HOSTAGE to Brexit & trying to redraw Europe map with Putin', MP claims

Following Theresa May’s historic visit to the White House last month, Trump is likely to try to undermine and weaken the EU after he promised to seek a trade agreement with Britain “very quickly”. He hailed the UK’s “smart” decision to leave the crumbling Brussels bloc and Jean-Pierre Raffarin, a former French prime minister, has claimed Trump’s foreign policy could ...

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‘I haven’t had one call!’ Donald Trump insists Dakota pipeline was not controversial

The President claimed that he had not received “one call” over the believed “controversial” act to approve the two pipelines.  The Keystone pipeline has been controversial because of the risks of spillage and that it would mean a commitment to develop Alberta’s oil sands. However the President, who is believed to be in the final stages of approving the final ...

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Dumped for Trump: Wife files for divorce after husband votes for Republican firebrand

Gayle McCormick, who separated from her husband after 22 years of marriage, claims she had not thought of leaving her conservative Republican husband before the election – but that backing the former property tycoon was a “deal breaker”. The 73-year-old decided to end their decades long union after her husband casually told friends he was considering Voting for Mr Trump ...

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WORLD ON EDGE: Russia prepares for ‘TIME OF WAR’ as Putin sends warning to the West

The saber-rattling move, announced by the country’s defence minister Sergey Shoigu, comes amid heightening tension between Russia and America and the UK. He said: “In accordance with the decision by the Armed Forces Supreme Commander, a snap check of the Aerospace Forces began to evaluate readiness of the control agencies and troops to carry out combat training tasks. “Special attention ...

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Mexican restuarant owner shocked after finding racist 'America first' note on receipt

Fernando Franco, who runs Italian eatery, Di Frabo, said he was concerned and disappointed after finding the vile racist note.  The restaurant owner, originally from Mexico City, claims it was the first time he felt unwelcome in the country after finding the message on Friday. Scribbled at the bottom of the receipt, a customer wrote: “The food was tasty and ...

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Migrant muggers pick on schoolgirl – but are given a hiding as she's a martial arts EXPERT

The girl was walking to her home in Trescore Balneario, Northern Italy in broad daylight when three men in their 20s approached her and tried to steal her phone.  But as the attacker lunged into her pocket to grab the mobile, the young girl fought back – blocking her assailant and immobilising him. Realising they were facing more than they ...

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