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TUSK’S REVENGE: Polish MEP faces party EXPULSION for challenging EU chief

Former Polish prime minister Mr Tusk is tipped to be re-elected for a second term leading the party in the European Parliament. He has an overwhelming backing from the party – but a quiet rumbling of discontent has led to one MEP deciding to challenge him. Yet Jacek Saryusz-Wolski has been told he must put an end a to his ...

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'She needs to go to jail' Outrage as woman hunts two endangered cubs in sickening video

Video footage of the woman emerging from a hole in Jordan and victoriously brandishing the furry animals, with mouths taped shut, has gone viral. Hayam Awad’s video has caused outrage across the globe and has been viewed on YouTube over 100,000 times. Ms Awad posted it to her Facebook on Wednesday, according to reports, sparking fury from animals lovers. Emerging ...

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Doctors applying FISH SKIN to burns injuries in astonishing new treatment

In scenes reminiscent of the Thing from the Black Lagoon, second and third-degree burn victims in Brazil are the guinea pigs of clinical trials using fish skins, specifically from the tilapia group.  Severe injuries are usually treated with cream, gauze and bandages, with skin banks using pig and human flesh another aspect of burn treatment, alongside artificial alternatives.  But while ...

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Donald Trump calls for investigation of Obama over abuse of power whilst president

The 70-year-old Republican has said that an investigation should look into whether or not “executive branch investigative powers were abused” during Obama’s time in the White House. The call comes after Mr Trump claimed that Mr Obama had ordering a “wire tap” on the telephones in Trump Tower but he offered no evidence for the allegation at the time. A ...

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IREXIT? Ireland must now leave the EU to avoid a post-Brexit disaster, says academic

Bruce Arnold, OBE, penned a scathing review of the EU and the effect Brexit will have on Ireland, which will be the UK’s only land border with the bloc.  With Prime Minister Theresa May set to trigger Article 50 in the coming weeks, kick-starting the formal two-year process to leave the bloc, lengthy talks are expected which will include how ...

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SAS heroes save 12 kids from ISIS 'DEATH MISSION' in heart of terror stronghold

ISIS leaders are said to have been planning to use the children in ruthless mass murders as the terrorist organisation planned an attempt to counteract the assault on the city of Mosul by forces. The mission undertaken by the SAS took place three weeks ago as part of a larger planned assault on the besieged city. The children were saved ...

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‘YOU pay for it!’ Mexico spends £40 million to help migrants in the US in border wall snub

Ridiculing Trump’s and Vice President Mike Pence’s assertions that Mexico will pay for the wall, president Enrique Peña Nieto allocated £40million ($ 50million) to 50 Mexican offices around the US to protect citizens facing an “eventual deportation”. Luis Vinegary, the foreign minister of Mexico said the initiative was not aimed at “promoting illegality” but was rather a “moral imperative”. He ...

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Fillon’s election campaign IN TATTERS as party chiefs bring crisis meeting forward

Fillon’s spokesman Thierry Solere stepped down on Friday morning and was quickly followed by campaign director Patrick Stefanini. Mr Stefanini has promised to stay in his role until Sunday to lend a hand at a Paris support rally, in a last ditch attempt to revive Fillon’s campaign. But as soon as the campaign rally ended on Saturday, the Republicans party ...

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TRAVEL BAN 2: Donald Trump 'set to sign new executive order on Monday'

The order, banning travel from certain Middle Eastern and African countries, was scheduled to be signed last Wednesday but the President decided to postpone the announcement following his well-received first address to Congress. A senior administration official told CNN: “We want the [executive order] to have its own ‘moment’.” Details of the new order have not yet been revealed, although ...

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Music returns to ancient city of Palmyra after being reclaimed from ISIS

Syrian musicians breathed new life into the heart of a damaged Roman amphitheatre yesterday after the ancient city was recaptured from Islamic State militants. Its troops were joined by Russian jets and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters in the assault to regain control from the jihadists of the Unesco world heritage site. Army units were drafted in to clear the explosives and ...

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