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TRAIN TRAGEDY: At least 27 dead and 50 injured after train derails in horror crash

An express train from Jagdalpur to Bhubaneswar, in eastern India, derailed in an accident-prone region. Local Superintendent of Police L.K.V. Ranga Rao said: “Nine bogies were derailed of which three have turned and fallen off the track. “Most of the casualties and deaths are from the three sleeper-class compartments.” According to the police chief no evidence of sabotage has been ...

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Theresa May to BLAST Trump at the White House for his 'unacceptable' comments on women

Meeting the newly-inaugurated President in an early meeting on Thursday, the Prime Minister is expected to stay in Washington “for a couple of days” for a series of meetings, at the end of which, she could secure a fruitful post-Brexit trade deal with America. But Mrs May has made it clear that she will not feel frightened to challenge Trump ...

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TSUNAMI ALERT: Massive 8.0 magnitude hits Ring of Fire region triggering tsunami warning

The tremor happened 29 miles west of the Arawa, on Bougainville island, according to the United States Geological Survey. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said a widespread tsunami is possible following the quake. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said in an advisory that “widespread hazardous tsunami waves are possible” as a result of the earthquake for the next three hours ...

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NO WAY OUT: ISIS cowards annihilated in boats as they desperately try to flee Mosul

Video footage showed up to 100 boats containing groups of cowardly militants were trying to quickly cross the Tigris River, moving from the eastern part of Mosul to the western side, in an attempt to evade the Iraqi-coalition forces. Although the Iraqi forces still have a large part of the city to reclaim, sources suggest the jihadis are becoming increasingly ...

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President Donald Trump HOUNDED by FURIOUS protestors in motorcade journey home

The billionaire leader of the free world was travelling back from a meeting with the CIA on Saturday when his convoy clashed with the Women’s March on Washington. Hundreds of protesters screamed and chanted at the newly-inaugurated President as he sped along the route back to his new home. Thousands rallied at the Ellipse, which is visible from the White ...

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‘Months, not weeks’ No date set for first SHOWDOWN between Trump & Putin, Kremlin claims

Dmitry Peskov said the two leaders would not be able to meet “in a matter of weeks”, but added: “Let’s hope that it can happen in months to come.” Mr Peskov confirmed negotiations between Moscow and Washington had yet to begin, but could get underway after the two world leaders manage to speak on the phone. He said: “President Putin ...

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Donald Trump hopes for close relationship with Theresa May as he calls her ‘my Maggie'

GETTY Donald Trump hopes to emulate Thatcher and Regan’s relationship with Theresa May As part of the Prime Minister’s first meeting with Mr Trump in Washington, she will be invited to unveil the bust as a symbol of the US-UK’s special relationship.  She had planned to travel to America next month, but the visit is being rushed through after a ...

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ITALY AVALANCHE: Girl, 6, found after two days trapped in hotel asks rescuers for biscuits

EPA A six-year-old girl asked for a biscuits after being trapped in a hotel for two days Ludovica Parete, six, had stashed a pack of chocolate biscuits in her bag to take back home but never got to eat them because an earthquake triggered a snow tsunami that engulfed the hotel in Italy’s Appenine mountains.  Her mother Adriana, a nurse, ...

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ABSEILING into Europe: Migrants use ropes to board ships then threaten police when caught

Spanish police have released footage of the desperate attempts to reach the shore to show what they are up against. They foiled 500 attempts last month alone as migrants are the ports of Ceuta and Melilla become crowded with migrants trying to stow away in cargo ships and passenger ferries, trying desperately to seek into the EU. Last month, officers ...

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DONALD TRUMP RALLY MASSACRE: 20 dead as violence erupts at pro-Trump event

Donald Trump supporters came to blows with police and security forces as they were celebrating the Republican’s US election win, with 65 people being arrested and dozens more killed, local reports suggest. While female rights groups and left wingers marched on Washington, a pro-Trump group from the Southern Rivers state in Nigeria held a rally of their own. But trouble ...

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