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Hungary to recruit THOUSANDS of ‘BORDER-HUNTERS’ to defend Serbian fence from migrants

Several high quality marketing videos showing border agents in helicopters and speed boats have been released to attract applicants by the nation’s border agency force. Viktor Orban the Hungarian Prime Minister told successful applicants they will “protect Hungary’s borders, Hungarian homes and be defending Europe”. He said: “There is no terrorism here, there is no mass violence, there are no ...

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Francois Fillon faces calls to quit from HIS OWN PARTY as Marine Le Pen leads the polls

The centre-right candidate was told to find a “political solution” to his ongoing problems which has seen the former frontrunner drop to third position in recent polls. After Fillon met a group of dissenting MPs in Paris on Monday, Les Républicains MP Alain Gest said: “We need to find a political solution that matches what is at stake because we ...

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BREAKING: Trump aides 'repeatedly contacted Russian officials in lead-up to election'

The New York Times has alleged intercepted phone calls and phone records show several of Trump’s aides were in touch with the Kremlin officials, according to three of the four officials who spoke to the publication. But the allegations have been strongly refuted by former campaign chief Paul Manafort, who has been accused in the report as one of the ...

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North Korea ready for 'ALL-OUT WAR' as US & South Korea forces prepare for military drills

The commentary piece condemned South Korean officials for allegedly holding talks with the US as they plan to host the biggest ever joint military drill to antagonise the hermit state. The piece by DPRK Today reads: “The puppets (in the South) do not hide their aim of conducting the exercise for a preemptive strike against our nuclear and missile bases, ...

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Trump and NATO under threat after Putin 'deploys NEW MISSILES violating Cold War treaty'

Nato nations are said to be on high alert following the alleged deployment from Moscow and could substantially boost military spending to combat the threat from the ex-communist state. Retired Nato commander General Philip M. Breedlove warned last year that Russian military aggression “can’t go unanswered”. The Obama administration accused Russia in 2014 of violating a 1987 treaty which bans ...

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Donald Trump expects Russia to ‘return Crimea’ as he GETS TOUGH on Vladimir Putin

GETTY Trump has been tough on Russia according to his Press Secretary Sean Spicer The irony of this entire situation is that the president has been incredibly tough on Russia Sean Spicer The White House made the claims during a press conference following the resignation of Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor, for misleading the White House about his ...

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'The euro may ALREADY be lost' Economists predict DOOMSDAY for European Union's currency

European Union nations are plummeting further into debt, amid angry protests and calls for reform, but the Union continues to push for the joint monetary union. Now, economists have suggested it is already too late to save the failing monetary union – which will “almost surely fail”. Tuomas Malinen, CEO of GnS Economics, said: “Living standards in Italy and Greece ...

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Afghan migrant 'sexually assaults mother-of-two as she pushes young children in pram'

The attack is said to have happened on the popular Danube Island in the Austrian capital of Vienna, a popular recreational area with bars, restaurants, beaches and trees. The children, aged one and two, were left unharmed during the alleged attack.  The 31-year-old mother was pushing a pram with her two children, aged one and two, when she was suddenly ...

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'Merkel's UNABLE to face her errors' Italy fury over Germany's refusal to reward Amri cops

Rapes, murders and terror plots have been kept from the general public for weeks, or played down in press statements from Angela Merkel’s office, commentators have claimed. When Freiburg teenager Maria Ladenburger was raped and thrown in the river Dreisam by an Afghan asylum seeker – it took weeks for the media to be informed. A terror attack planned for ...

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Fuelling the Frexit fire: Now EU DEMANDS France increases austerity amid deficit breach

The European Commission warned the country’s budget deficit was close to hitting 3.1 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018 – above the eurozone’s 3 per cent cap. That limit could even be breached this year – the Commission warned in its winter economic forecast. France’s public expenditure is expected to rise over wage increases for civil servants ...

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