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Guam in pictures: The US military stronghold and island paradise threatened by North Korea

The North Korean army is working on plans to launch four intermediate-range missiles into the waters just 18 to 25 miles from the Pacific island of Guam. Korean People’s Army (KPA) will complete its plans in mid-August, ready for Kim Jong Un’s order, the North’s state-run KCNA news agency reported. “The Hwasong-12 rockets to be launched by the KPA will ...

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'Let's become bombs!’ Thousands of North Koreans call for WAR with USA in show of defiance

Thousands of civilians gathered in Pyongyang as the crisis on the peninsula continued to escalate amid an ever-tightening spiral of threats and counter-threats from USA and North Korea.  The huge crowd held their fists in the air, waved provocative banners, chanted in unison and marched through Pyongyang as dictator Kim Jong-un announced he would send four missiles towards the US ...

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Will North Korea attack the US? Where could Kim Jong-un strike in America?

Will North Korea attack the US territory of Guam?  The Korean People’s Army (KPA) has disclosed plans to fire four intermediate-range missiles over Japan to land in waters just 18 to 25 miles from Guam.  The latest KCNA report said: “The Hwasong-12 rockets to be launched by the KPA [Korean People’s Army]) will cross the sky above Shimane, Hiroshima and ...

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Warning to China? USA launches Destroyer as North Korea row escalates

The operation took part in the South China Sea amid a backdrop of increasing tension in the region due to the ongoing North Korea crisis.  If all-out war does break out between the US and the hermit state, long-time Kim Jong-un ally China will be forced to pick sides. And today it was revealed President Donald Trump has sent a ...

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'We should focus on North Korea!' Lord Lawson blasts Al Gore for obsession over climate

The former Chancellor denied climate change should be a concern despite scientific consensus the planet is being damaged. But Lord Lawson hit out at the costs involved in climate change policies and said the money should be spent on more pressing matters. His comments come as Donald Trump controversially pulled the US out of the Paris climate change deal, signed ...

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VIDEO: Holidaymakers stunned as migrant boat arrives on beach in South of Spain

Around 30 men were filmed sprinting away from the inflatable Zodiac dinghy after crossing undetected from Morocco to Europe. The men reached a stretch of sand called Germans Beach, near the southern Spanish resort of Tarifa at around 2pm on Wednesday afternoon as sun seekers enjoyed one of the hottest days of the summer so far this year. Police claimed ...

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Venezuela: Civil war close as political crisis deepens and economy implodes under Maduro

Speaking a day after summoning his counterparts from across the region to Lima to condemn the “rupture of democratic order” in Venezuela, Ricardo Luna said President Maduro’s support at home and abroad had shrunk as he seeks to consolidate power through the constituent assembly, a powerful new body run by the ruling Socialist Party loyalists. Peru has been one of ...

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Merkel on the ROCKS: German leader plummets in latest election poll on return from holiday

Mrs Merkel, 63, saw her popularity plunge in the regular monthly poll by broadcaster ARD. Although still commanding 59 percent support, the poll put her five points behind her finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble and four behind foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel. A separate poll by the Infra-Dimap institute suggested that the German government’s handling of the Dieselgate affair may be behind ...

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Egypt allows holiday resorts to ban the burkini as swimwear faces backlash

After hotels began to ask burkini clad guests to leave the premises, the tourism ministry stepped in to allow the swimwear. But the ministry has since backtracked on the edict, and confirmed it is legal for the nation’s resorts to decide if they will or won’t ban the outfit. Head of the Chamber of Red Sea Hotel Facilities Ali al-Halawany ...

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US warship near North Korea could force Kim Jong-un to BOW DOWN to Trump, admiral boasts

Rear Admiral Kenneth Whitesell, a commander of a US Navy carrier strike group, said the move could bring the hermit kingdom “into alignment”. Admiral Whitesell said: “Our presence and the coalition presence off their coast attempts to bring them into alignment. “That’s what he’s attempting to do, or we can do at a political level to help enforce his political ...

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