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Russia to electrify railroad in Iran linking Central Asia to Persian Gulf

Russian Railways has begun works on the electrification of a railway line in Iran, the company said. Read more The project – worth $ 1.2 billion – will electrify a railroad connecting the Iranian city of Garmsar near Tehran with Ince Burun near the border with Turkmenistan. The length of the Garmsar-Ince Burun railway line is 495km. The project will ...

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Russia’s Aeroflot grabs top honors including Europe's Leading Airline award

Aeroflot Russian Airlines has won three top prizes at the 2018 World Travel Awards, retaining the title of Europe’s Leading Airline and Europe’s Leading Airline – Business Class. Read more Aeroflot also won the title of Europe’s Leading Airline to Asia. Known unofficially as the Oscars of the tourism industry, the World Travel Awards took place on June 30 in ...

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Cheaper than ever for England fans to watch their team play in Russia World Cup

Research from Post Office Travel Money has found that British fans travelling to Russia for the World Cup will benefit from sterling’s strength against the ruble. They will see their cash stretch further as currency fluctuations help to bring down the costs, the study suggested. England fans will get the equivalent of £66 ($ 86) more cash on a £500 ...

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New law requiring Russian internet companies to keep records of client traffic comes into force

A Russian law requiring internet service providers to keep records of their clients’ traffic and hand them over to the state security services on demand came into force on June 1. The controversial legislation, dubbed by the media the ‘Yarovaya Bill’ after its main sponsor – the former chair of the Lower House committee for security, MP Irina Yarovaya (United ...

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Russian budget gets $65 billion boost from OPEC oil production cut deal

The agreement with OPEC to cut oil production has given Russia over 4 trillion rubles (shy of $ 65 billion) in additional revenue, according to the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Read more “Thanks to the work of President Vladimir Putin with the King and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, relations are in a unique phase, and this gives a ...

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Europe threatens US with new tariffs worth $300bn as trade war escalates

The United States could get a new round of retaliatory tariffs worth as much as $ 300 billion, if it moves ahead with new duties on European cars, the EU has warned. In a written statement to the US Department of Commerce Brussels reportedly warned that imposing tariffs on European cars “will be harmful first and foremost for the US economy.” ...

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Baikonur ban: Russia prohibits social networks at major space facility in Kazakhstan

The head of the Kazakhstan-based Russian space launch facility, Baikonur, has banned all staff from using social networks in a bid to boost security and discipline. “In order to prevent any leaks of classified information and to strengthen work discipline all workers of the facility are forbidden from using personal mobile phones and tablets for accessing websites, social networks and ...

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Russia can spearhead 'super OPEC' alliance to dominate oil market & limit US influence – analysts

The US is asking countries to put pressure on Iran by thwarting its oil industry. Such tactics can backfire as leading producers like Russia could form a group to control the oil market without Washington, analysts tell RT. Read more “Russia and Saudi Arabia want to invite all OPEC members to create a permanent alliance – the “super OPEC”, in ...

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Zimbabwe 2.0? Land confiscation will damage South Africa's food production, says rights group

The South African economy and the nation’s food production could collapse if the government seizes land from white farmers and redistributes it to black citizens, a local race relations organization has told RT. The move, approved by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) earlier this year, is aimed at redistribution of wealth and “radical economic transformation.” The government is reportedly ...

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Trump claims Saudi Arabia agreed to oil production hike, Riyadh doesn’t confirm

Donald Trump has asked Saudi Arabia to drastically increase its oil production, citing “turmoil and dysfunction” in Iran and Venezuela. The US president says King Salman agreed, although that claim remains unconfirmed by Riyadh. “Just spoke to King Salman of Saudi Arabia and explained to him that, because of the turmoil & disfunction (sic) in Iran and Venezuela, I am ...

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