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Apple on the brink of becoming world’s first trillion-dollar company

Shares of iPhone and computer maker Apple surged six percent after the company reported solid third-quarter results. The corporation closed the trading session just shy of the $ 1 trillion in market capitalization. Apple stock closed at $ 201.50, slightly below the intraday high of $ 201.76. Shareholders had been seeking a share price of $ 203.45 to make the ...

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Russia exports record amount of gas to energy-hungry Europe

Gazprom, Russia’s largest natural gas exporter, has again increased its deliveries to Europe. The company sent 5.8 percent more blue fuel to the continent through July compared to last year. Gas deliveries to Germany jumped 12.3 percent. Austria bought 48.3 percent more Russian gas. Shipments to the Netherlands were 53.8 percent higher, and to Croatia up by 40.1 percent. Gazprom ...

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Tesla loses $717.5mn in Q2, breaking own record from previous quarter

Electric car maker Tesla has racked up a record $ 717.5 million net loss in the second quarter of 2018, twice the previous year’s number. Embattled CEO Elon Musk promised to plug the loss gap with a massive production increase. Tesla, which has posted profit only in two quarters since becoming a public company eight years ago, broke another record ...

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US military bases in Europe depend on Russian energy

US lawmakers are calling upon the Department of Defense to cut reliance on Russian energy at military bases in Europe, and to introduce sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 project. Read more Defense Logistics Agency data show that close to 40 percent of oil used at military sites in Germany comes from Russia. In southwestern Germany, for example, the Ramstein Air ...

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Canada helps Russia build railroad to bypass Ukraine

Canada’s aerospace and transportation giant Bombardier was one the contractors building a Russian railroad link that bypasses the war-torn territories of Ukraine, reports Globe and Mail. The railroad stretch links the Voronezh and Rostov regions near the Ukrainian border and bypasses Ukraine’s Lugansk region. The construction of the rail link between the towns of Zhuravka and Millerovo began in 2014, ...

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US may slap China with higher tariffs, Beijing vows to retaliate

Seeking to adjust the US trade imbalance with China, Washington could more than double the pending tariffs on Chinese imports. Beijing has warned of an immediate mirror response. The White House is considering increasing planned tariffs on $ 200 billion of Chinese goods from 10 to 25 percent, according to unnamed sources familiar with the issue, as quoted by Bloomberg. ...

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‘Defend the nation’s sovereignty’: Iceland wants to stop foreign land ownership

Iceland is considering a law to ban foreigners from buying its land. The country’s authorities and local residents are concerned about how such land is being used. “First and foremost, I want to defend the nation’s sovereignty,” Iceland’s first environmentalist prime minister, Katrin Jakobsdottir, told Bloomberg. “It matters to us that we can decide how the land is developed and ...

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Did Russia's dumping of American debt force US Treasury to borrow more money?

The growing budget deficit will force the US government to borrow $ 56 billion more this quarter than expected. Curiously, the amount is close to what Russia sold in US Treasury securities in April and May. Citing surging spending and falling tax receipts, the US government will borrow the most money since the 2008 financial crisis. It marks the fourth-largest ...

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Wall Street rebounds as US & China hold talks to prevent full-blown trade war

US stocks recovered on Tuesday following the publication of a report that Washington and Beijing are seeking to de-escalate the trade spat that could rock the global economy. Read more All the three key US indices – the Nasdaq, Dow Jones and S&P – were trading in the green zone, all growing just shy of one percent. This happens as ...

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Jeff Bezos' parents may be ridiculously rich on 12,000,000% return on early Amazon investment

A $ 250,000 investment made in 1995 could turn Jackie and Mike Bezos, the Amazon founder’s parents, into the most successful venture capitalists alive, assuming they held onto their early investment. Two decades ago, Jeff Bezos’ parents believed in their son and invested $ 245,573 into his new online retail platform, according to a late 90’s prospectus first seen by ...

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