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Russia’s move to ditch dollar in favor of gold minimizes risk of US political blackmail – analyst

Bank of Russia data shows the country’s gold holdings are approaching 2,000 tons, nearly quadrupling over the recent decade and rising to 17 percent of the nation’s total foreign reserves. By opting to purchase precious metals and liquidating holdings of US Treasury securities, Russia has been playing it smart, precious metals market analyst Dimitri Speck said, commenting on the latest ...

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China threatens tariffs on $60 billion in US goods

Beijing has announced plans to slap import taxes targeting 5,207 American products worth $ 60 billion in retaliation to trade tariffs on Chinese goods imposed by the US. The tariffs would range from 5 percent to 25 percent. “The implementation date of the taxation measures will be subject to the actions of the US, and China reserves the right to ...

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Take away land & the poor will starve, South African farmer tells RT

White farmers in South Africa are outraged at government plans to amend the constitution to allow their lands to be seized without compensation. Investments and food production will suffer, they warn. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced his “democracy in action” plan this week to speed up expropriation of white-owned land. The government wants to redistribute the land to the black population ...

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Almost 40% of Russians believe vegetarian diet bad for your health, poll shows

Less than one percent of Russians admitted to following a vegetarian diet in a recent poll and well over a third of respondents stated that, in their opinion, a vegetarian diet is harmful to your health. According to the poll conducted by the Russian state-run public opinion research center VTSIOM at the very end of July, 39 percent of Russians ...

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Booming agriculture transforming Russia’s energy driven economy

Russia’s agriculture exports have surged by almost a third in the first five months of the year. Food is Russia’s second biggest export after oil and gas, helping to diversify the economy away from energy. The country exported 29.5 percent more agriculture and food products, worth $ 9.5 billion, than in the same period last year. In particular, the export ...

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Russian MP says fresh US sanctions plan down to mid-term elections & Helsinki Summit hysteria

A member of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee has said that US senators’ latest sanctions initiative was motivated by the approaching congressional mid-term elections and predicted similar steps from American politicians. “Instead of seeking new routes for the reopening of dialogue, a number of American senators are inventing excuses for sabotaging it,” MP Sergey Zheleznyak told RIA Novosti. “After ...

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Apple becomes first company to hit $1 trillion market cap

The market capitalization of Apple reached $ 1 trillion on Thursday. The iPhone maker became the first company to reach this valuation. Apple shares rose over three percent on a strong earnings report published earlier this week. Apple was trading at $ 207 per share on Thursday. It started this year at $ 172. Apple’s Earnings Per Share (EPS) grew ...

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Are Tesla investors losing touch with reality? Elon Musk apology enough to send stock skyrocketing

Financial results are what normally concern investors. But not when it comes to Tesla. Despite record losses, a mere apology from CEO Elon Musk is enough for its stock to appreciate by $ 5 billion. “I would like to apologize for being impolite on the prior call. Honestly, I think there is really no excuse for bad manners. I was ...

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Papa John’s Pizza erasing all memory of founder after N-word scandal

The management of the Kentucky-based pizza chain Papa John’s has reportedly sent instructions to owners of its outlets to remove all the mentions of the company founder and former chairman John Schnatter. The move comes shortly after Schnatter was forced to resign as a chairman of the company after he used a racial slur during a May conference call dedicated ...

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Apple on the brink of becoming world’s first trillion-dollar company

Shares of iPhone and computer maker Apple surged six percent after the company reported solid third-quarter results. The corporation closed the trading session just shy of the $ 1 trillion in market capitalization. Apple stock closed at $ 201.50, slightly below the intraday high of $ 201.76. Shareholders had been seeking a share price of $ 203.45 to make the ...

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