Russian Emergencies Ministry to join Syria landmine clearance operation

Russian Emergencies Ministry has announced plans to take part in the landmine clearance operation in Syria together with the representatives of the Syrian government and the UN Mine Action Service. On Friday, the Emergencies Ministry’s press service reported that between July 20 and July 27 a group of experts held meetings with representatives of the Syrian government and the regional ...

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Top Russian senator urges major prison reform after new torture scandal

The Russian Upper House speaker has proposed reforming the Federal Service for Execution of Punishment after a leaked video revealed the cruel beating of an inmate by about a dozen prison administration officers. Russian Upper House speaker Valentina Matviyenko called the beating of an inmate by prison staff “an abominable crime that cannot be justified.” “I am shaken by the ...

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Russian Orthodox Patriarch hopes anniversary of Christianization will bring peace to Ukraine

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has expressed hope that the forthcoming 1030th anniversary of Christianization of the Kievan Rus, and planned celebrations for the event, will help to overcome strife in Ukraine. “Let us hope that the celebration of the 1030th anniversary of Christianization of the Kievan Rus would help to overcome the divisions, contradictions and schisms on ...

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Trump is real target of anti-Russian sanctions proposal, says Russian MP

New anti-Russian sanctions being proposed by US senators are part of the internal political strife in Washington with the real target being Donald Trump, a senior Russian MP has told reporters. “The US senators’ initiative to toughen the anti-Russian sanctions is yet another manifestation of the anti-Russian agony. People on the Capitol Hill cannot put up with the fact that ...

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NATO cannot put up with Russia’s increasing independence – Defense Minister Shoigu

The NATO bloc cannot stand Russia being an independent player in international politics and tries to prevent this by boosting its military presence in Eastern Europe, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has stated. “NATO member countries make various attempts to prevent Russia from becoming their geopolitical competitor, even more so because we have allies. They use various organizations, including the ...

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Bid to fight Russia’s sham marriages by legally binding foreigners to same region as spouses

In a bid to fight sham marriages and extremism, Russian lawmakers have prepared a bill requiring foreigners, who marry citizens and receive a residence permit, to live and work only in the same region as their spouses. The bill has been developed by the Interior Ministry and will most likely be drafted in the State Duma in September, the Izvestia ...

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Defense Ministry proposes ‘recruitment’ of private cars during war time

The Russian Defense Ministry wants to include private vehicles, especially those with increased off-road capabilities, into the list of vehicles that can be commandeered from their civilian owners during times of war. The Defense Ministry prepared amendments to the 2014 legislation allowing the military, during times of martial law, the right to confiscate any cargo truck or towed trailer from ...

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Russian Communist Party seeks major probe into Bolshevik role in Romanovs’ killing

A Russian Communist Party MP has asked for the deaths of Russian tsars and other royals to be investigated, saying that the probe of the 1918 killing of the Romanovs is currently being used for propaganda purposes. In his letters to the Investigative Committee (the Russian Federal agency that investigates especially important crime or crime that receives a lot of ...

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Russian opinions of US relations improve after Helsinki summit, poll shows

The recent Putin-Trump summit in Helsinki has brought a slight improvement in the average Russians’ opinion on the current level of Russia-US relations, but its overall level remains much lower than just a year ago. In a new survey, conducted by the Russian state-run public opinion agency VTSIOM, researchers asked respondents to estimate the current level of Russia-US relations on ...

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Bitter pill: Putin says all pension reform options look unappealing to him

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that he and the majority of government officials disliked all of the proposals to raise the retirement age, but without pension reform, Russia would face a serious crisis. “Of course this is a very sensitive issue for a large number of our citizens. Also, the question did not just appear yesterday; it has been ...

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