Duma gives Russians extra day off work to undergo medical

Russians have just received another concession from authorities who seek to soften the effects of pension reform – an extra day off which people can use to undergo a full medical check. It is well known that close monitoring of one’s health and regular checks with specialist doctors is a key condition for successful diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, ...

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Poison plot thickens: German doctors cannot define toxin allegedly used against Pussy Riot founder

German doctors cannot determine the substance used in the alleged poisoning of the Russian artist who was sent abroad by his fellow art group members, apparently in hopes of confirming the theory of government involvement. The artist in question is Pyotr Verzilov – one of the founders of the notorious Voina Art Group, and the mastermind behind the ‘performance art’ ...

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Steven Seagal was ‘half joking’ about desire to govern Russia’s Far East region – agent

Action star and martial arts icon Steven Seagal was apparently “half-joking” when he said he wants to become the governor of Primorsky Region in Russia’s Far East. Seagal earlier said he was Putin’s man and wouldn’t mind the job. Excitement erupted on Tuesday, when the actor arrived in Primorsky Krai (a type of federal district in Russia) to take part ...

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Russian security chief warns of ‘Syrian scenario’ in Afghanistan, urges settlement talks

The head of Russia’s main national security body has said that Islamic State seeks to destabilize the situation in Afghanistan and replay the Syrian scenario, adding that only political talks can prevent disaster. The secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, shared this information with other senior officials at the ongoing multilateral consultations on an Afghanistan ...

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Duma unanimously passes Putin’s amendments to pension reform bill

The Russian parliament has approved amendments by Vladimir Putin to the bill providing for a gradual rise in the age of retirement. The changes are expected to soften the impact of the unpopular measure for ordinary citizens. The nine amendments drafted by President Putin reduce the proposed increase in the retirement age for women, guarantee that pensioners keep all current ...

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Steven Seagal says he is Putin’s man, expresses Russian political ambitions

Martial arts icon and Hollywood star Steven Seagal has described himself as Vladimir Putin’s representative, and announced that he wants to become the governor of Primorsky Krai Region in the Russian Far East. Seagal has arrived in Primorsky Krai to take part in the Pacific Meridian movie festival, which is currently taking place in the region’s capital Vladivostok. When reporters ...

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Terrorists no longer leaving Russia to fight in Syrian conflict, claims main anti-terrorism body

International extremist groups are no longer calling on operatives to join the war in Syria, and are instead asking them to remain in sleeper cells in Russia, a senior member of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee has said. The revelation was announced by the first deputy of the agency’s information department, Andrey Kokourov, at the Tuesday session of the Russian nationwide ...

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Prosecutors side with pink-haired girl in conflict with school administration

A Russian school administration faces a civil probe after banning a 15-year old girl from attending class because she had pink hair and a modified version of the uniform. A local ombudsman described the incident as discrimination. The story began on September 1, the beginning of the current school year. A member of the legislative assembly in Perm, in the ...

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State Duma passes Putin’s bill criminalizing the sacking of workers approaching retirement age

The Russian Lower House has approved a bill introducing a legal definition of pre-retirement age, together with criminal responsibility for employers who fire or refuse to hire workers in this age bracket without a solid reason. The pre-retirement age is described as the period of five years before the official retirement age. The latter figure will change during future pension ...

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Court slaps Navalny with another 20 days of civil detention, bringing criminal prosecution closer

Alexey Navalny has been sentenced to 20 days of administrative arrest for organizing violent protests that caused damage to police property. One more civil sentence will result in the activist facing a criminal prosecution. The sentence was passed by the Simonovsky court on Monday evening. The judge pronounced Navalny guilty of organizing illegal protests that had led to damages of ...

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