British government must obtain Parliament OK to begin Brexit case

LONDON — Britain’s government must get parliamentary approval before starting the process of leaving the European Union, the Supreme Court ruling Tuesday, potentially delaying Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans to trigger negotiations by the end of March. The ruling forces the government to put a bill before Parliament, giving pro-EU politicians a chance to soften the terms of Brexit — ...

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Mayor de Blasio budgets $1B to fix NYCHA roofs

Mayor de Blasio will unveil a budget Tuesday that includes a promise to spend $ 1 billion over the next 10 years to fix leaky roofs in public housing across the city. The preliminary budget also includes more money spent on new school classrooms and millions more to repave miles of beat-up city streets. De Blasio will reveal his $ ...

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Cuomo to lawmakers: You'll never control funding of my Councils

ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo on Monday said he’d rather shut down his signature $ 750 million-a-year Regional Economic Development Councils than agree to allow state lawmakers to direct the funding. Cuomo during an appearance in Syracuse accused lawmakers of opposing the councils because the money is doled out mainly upstate through a competitive process that does not include them. “We ...

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Trump declares his Inauguration Day as national day of patriotism

President Trump has signed an executive order to officially declare his inauguration a national day of patriotism, according to a document published in the Federal Register. Paperwork filed on Monday with the federal government declares Jan. 20, 2017 — Trump’s Inauguration Day — as “National Day of Patriotic Devotion.” Trump’s reason for his proclamation is “to strengthen our bonds to ...

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EPA freezes grants, CDC cancels climate change summit

Foreseeing sweeping changes in President Trump’s White House, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention canceled a climate change conference and the Environmental Protection Agency froze all of its grants and contracts. With fossil fuel enthusiast Scott Pruitt slated to lead the EPA, the new administration appears poised to gut the 46-year-old department. It reportedly suspended its contracts and funding ...

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Minn. Gov. Mark Dayton collapses while delivering state address

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton collapsed while discussing the importance of healthcare during his State of the State address at the St. Paul capitol building on Monday. Dayton started off the annual address by stumbling up to the podium and 40 minutes later, after taking a sip of water, he collapsed. The 69-year-old was slurring his speech moments before the apparent ...

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Trump still insists voter fraud cost him a popular vote win

He’s not letting it go. President Trump, already elected, confirmed and sworn in, continues to insist that voter fraud cheated him out of a popular vote victory, according to new reports. In his first meeting Monday with congressional leaders, Trump reiterated an already-debunked claim that widespread voter fraud helped Hillary Clinton win the popular vote, according to Politico.com Trump won ...

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Kellyanne Conway allegedly punched a man at inauguration ball

Top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway allegedly punched a tuxedo-clad man at an exclusive inauguration ball just hours after the new commander in chief was sworn in, according to witnesses. Conway apparently stepped in between two men after they got into a scuffle at the invite-only Liberty Ball on Friday evening, witnesses told the Daily News. But the two men wouldn’t ...

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SEE IT: Melania Trump gives husband scowl during inauguration

Melania Trump apparently only smiles when her husband’s watching. The First Lady can be seen in a cringe worthy video clip from Friday’s inauguration ceremony flashing a beaming smile for her husband only to have a cloud of gloom overshadow her face the second he looks away. “It’s my prayer that God will bless you, your family, your administration and ...

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N.Y. pols plan to OK rule on outside income of legislators

ALBANY — State legislators would be required to seek an advisory opinion on whether their outside income represents a conflict of interest under a joint rule set to be adopted Tuesday by the Senate. Under the rule, lawmakers would seek the opinion from the Legislative Ethics Commission. It’s similar to an idea pushed by Gov. Cuomo in December, though his ...

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