NYC pols seek tax money to expand Citi Bike

Most City Council members back public money for Citi Bike in an effort to bring bike share to all five boroughs, according to a letter obtained by the Daily News. Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, Transportation chair, and 33 other lawmakers signed a letter calling on Mayor de Blasio to add funding in the next budget for Citi Bike. “To avoid the ...

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New York City’s housing commissioner resigns

The city official in charge of the mayor’s affordable housing plan announced on Tuesday she’s stepping down from her post, the third high-profile departure from the de Blasio administration in less than six weeks. Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Vicki Been, who last week announced the city had reached its ambitious affordable housing goals for 2016, said she would return ...

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Obama OK's co-op affordable housing deal in NYC

A deal that preserves close to 3,000 units of affordable housing in the heart of Manhattan has been finalized in one of the last acts by the Obama administration, officials said Tuesday. The federal Office of Management and Budget approved the refinancing agreement at Chelsea’s Penn South co-op, which is home to 2,820 units of affordable housing, Sen. Chuck Schumer ...

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'Sex in the City' star gave max legal amount to de Blasio 2 times

“Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon likes Mayor de Blasio so much, she gave the maximum amount to his campaign two times — a violation of the city’s campaign finance law. The actress and longtime de Blasio supporter gave a $ 4950 donation to his campaign in June, and then the same amount again on Jan. 9, according to ...

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Gov. Cuomo to talk with Donald Trump on Obamacare, infrastructure

ALBANY – Gov. Cuomo, who has declared New York a safe haven against Donald Trump’s policies, will meet with the President-elect on Wednesday at Trump Tower. Cuomo, a Democrat, had a brief phone conversation with Trump that focused largely on infrastructure needs the day after the Republican businessman won the election in November. The meeting Wednesday, first reported by the ...

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Blaz waits on Garner update from outgoing Obama administration

As the clock ticks down in the final days of the Obama administration, Mayor de Blasio is still waiting for an update on the Justice Department’s investigation into the death of Eric Garner. De Blasio told reporters that Attorney General Loretta Lynch repeatedly told him, “by the end of the administration, there would be some kind of answer.” “Obviously, we’ve ...

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Obama commutes sentence for Chelsea Manning, hands out 64 pardons

President Obama commuted the prison sentence of imprisoned army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning — along with 64 other pardons announced Tuesday. Manning will be released on May 17, after serving nearly seven years of her 35-year sentence. She was Bradley Manning when she was arrested in 2010 for leaking classified government and military documents to WikiLeaks, which published much of ...

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‘Apprentice’ contestant sues President-elect Trump for defamation

Former “Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos sued Donald Trump for defamation Tuesday, charging that he smeared her as a liar to save his hopes for the White House after she went public with accusations the president-elect groped her in 2007. Zervos’s suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court alleges that Trump “kissed her on the mouth repeatedly” without consent, “touched her breast” ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Cop in de Blasio's detail tests positive for pot

A NYPD sergeant assigned to Mayor de Blasio’s security detail tested positive for marijuana and was suspended, police sources said Tuesday. Sgt. Tracy Gittens failed a random drug test several days ago and was suspended over the weekend. She joined the NYPD in July 2002 and was currently assigned to the mayor’s detail — a competitive and coveted spot that ...

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KING: Progressives must hold Democratic politicians accountable

As it stands right now, Democrats control the governments of just four states — California, Oregon, Hawaii and Rhode Island. That’s not a typo. In 46 states, if you want to get a law passed, you now have to go through a Republican legislature or a Republican governor — or both. While we all celebrated eight years of having President ...

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