Sobchak lashes out at RT over ‘illegal’ reminder of her unethical behavior

Presidential hopeful Kseniya Sobchak has refused to comment on an incident in which she swore at neighbors’ kids over the telephone, and threatened to complain to the authorities if reporters continue to discuss it. Sobchak is contesting the 2018 Russian presidential election, but describes herself as a hopeful whose main task is to replace the “none of the above” option ...

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Putin HQ submits 315,000 supporters’ signatures to Central Election Commission

Incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin has become the first candidate in the 2018 race to submit the signatures of people who support his decision to run for a new term. On Monday, representatives from Vladimir Putin’s election headquarters delivered around 315,000 paper forms with supporters’ signatures to the main office of the Central Election Commission in Moscow. HQ spokesman Andrey ...

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Majority of Russians support ‘own internet’ for BRICS nations

More than half of Russian citizens approve of a separate internet for the BRICS economic bloc, saying that the idea could boost the security of users’ personal data and help counter hostile propaganda. Read more According to research released by the state-run polling agency VTSIOM on Monday, the idea of a separate internet for BRICS nations – an economic and ...

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Leftists propose obligatory marking for people carrying firearms

The center-left Fair Russia party intends to introduce a bill obliging all firearm owners to wear special signs indicating they are carrying, its deputy head in the State Duma, Oleg Nilov, says. In a recent interview with Parlamentskaya Gazeta (Parliamentary Newspaper) daily, Nilov said according to statistics maintained by Russian law enforcement agencies, the overall number of firearm owners in ...

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Protesters across Russia walk out in support of Navalny

Activists have staged protests in several Russian cities in support of opposition figure Alexey Navalny after he was denied the chance to compete in the 2018 presidential election. On Sunday, several hundred Navalny supporters took to the streets of cities such as Irkutsk, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow. They protested the decision to ban Navalny from participating in the ...

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Navalny suffers latest election blow as Supreme Court body scraps complaint

Opposition activist Alexey Navalny suffered a further blow to his hopes of running in Russia’s 2018 presidential election, after the Supreme Court Presidium dismissed a complaint seeking to override the ban on his participation. The decision not to look into Navalny’s complaint was taken on January 22, but information about this was released only on January 26, Interfax news agency ...

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Russian socialite and rights activist Gordon quits presidential race

Socialite, singer-songwriter and women’s rights advocate Ekaterina Gordon has announced that she was removing her candidacy from the 2018 presidential race and gave the “unwillingness to participate in a farce” as the reason. “I want to announce the following:  I do not want to be a participant of a farce and I do not want to take part in a ...

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Chechen leader Kadyrov praises Putin’s support for Islam

Ramzan Kadyrov has said that President Vladimir Putin stayed true to his pledge to support Muslims in Russia and around the world, adding that Western policies have only brought war and destruction to Islamic nations. In a new message posted on the Telegram social network, Kadyrov thanked Putin for his support to Chechen Muslims. He wrote that Putin was fulfilling ...

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‘It would show Russia cares about future’: Patriarch urges special status for multi-child families

Russian Orthodox Church head Patriarch Kirill has urged senators to provide special status for multi-child families in Russia, questioning why this can’t be done when preferences are being given to sexual minorities in the West. “The Church has supported and will support any positive changes in legislation aimed at maintaining maternity and childhood and, especially, to overcome such a terrible ...

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Russia to keep supporting Muslim education to tackle ‘destructive’ ideas – Putin

Russia will continue to support Islamic education, which plays a key role in tackling the destructive ideas spread among Muslim youths in the country, President Vladimir Putin said. The Russian authorities will “definitely support” Islamic education through “major state universities” and other means, the president said during a meeting with the country’s top Muslim clergy in Kazan on Wednesday. The ...

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