Fit as fiddles: Populist MP says big companies should pay for staff exercise

A populist Russian lawmaker wants to expand a recent proposal to exempt gym fees and other payments for fitness with a law that would require big companies to offer free physical training to their staff. MP Dmitry Svishchev of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia addressed Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova in an open letter, saying that he learned from media ...

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Russian ‘Male State’ leader faces criminal charges over extreme misogyny

A man in central Russia is facing up to five years in prison for launching and maintaining a group called ‘Male State’ on one of the country’s social networks. The group’s members used it to collectively degrade and bully women. The Russian Investigative Committee reported on Friday that its branch, in the major industrial center of Nizhny Novgorod, had pressed ...

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‘Theater of the absurd’: Top Russian senator blasts Norway spy probe against employee

The Russian Upper House speaker described the Norwegian spy probe against one of the chamber’s employees as absurd and arbitrary. She speculated that the man is being held so that evidence could be fabricated to back the charges. Russian Upper House Speaker Valentina Matviyenko told reporters that she addressed the issue of Mikhail Bochkarev’s detention in a personal message to ...

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Positive attitude between Russians and Americans in serious decline – research

The positive attitude between Russians and Americans seriously declined in the past year as did Russians’ opinion of Donald Trump, according to a US study. Share of Americans who like Vladimir Putin remains almost unchanged. The share of Russians who describe their attitude to the US as positive fell from 41 percent in 2017 to just 21 percent this year, ...

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Russian police fire air shots after Ingushetians gather to protest new Chechnya border deal

Security forces fired into the air to disperse thousands of demonstrators in the main square of Magas, capital of Russia’s Caucasian republic of Ingushetia, protesting what they say is an unfair border deal with neighbor Chechnya. Police said that 2,000 people gathered for Thursday’s unsanctioned demonstration outside the regional government building, some on horseback and carrying Ingushetia flags, in opposition ...

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Off with their hats! Russian military to ditch traditional headgear – reports

A large part of Russian military will soon stop using traditional Russian fur hats with ear flaps, known as “ushankas,” as well as woolen side caps. The government plans to replace these items with more simple headgear. The famous Russian souvenir known abroad as “ushanka”, “shapka” or simply “Russian hat” could soon become a rare curiosity and those who planned ...

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Lethal shots: Russia ranks second in international ‘selfie death rating’

Russia has the second highest rate of selfie deaths in the world with India taking the number one spot, according to research. The United States and Pakistan are close behind, occupying other top places in the morbid rating. The study on lethality of selfies carried out by the US-based Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care. According to the research, ...

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Russian pension reform bill signed into law by Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a motion ordering an increase to retirement age while allowing for a rise in payments and offering additional guarantees for citizens approaching the end of their working lives. Increase in retirement age and pension payments A package of bills regulating pension reform was published on Thursday and its main part will come ...

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PM Medvedev says United Russia party should recoup regional election losses

A recent setback suffered by United Russia in regional elections is a good lesson that should be studied and used to regain the lost positions, the party chairman and Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has said. On Wednesday, Medvedev spoke to senior United Russia members responsible for the party’s election programs and urged them to study the reasons behind recent losses ...

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Putin pledges to continue using counter sanctions for protection of Russia’s interests

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow’s response to foreign sanctions is ‘very reserved’ and added that new attempts to exert external pressure would only mean introducing new measures to protect national interests. Putin made the statement at the Russian Energy Week event which is currently taking place in Moscow. He said that the main objective of authorities, who had ...

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