Head of Russian Liberal Democrats urges nationalization of divorcing spouses’ property

The head of the populist-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) has proposed solving divorcing couple’s disputes over property by nationalizing assets which spouses cannot distribute amicably between themselves. “We have conceived a legislative initiative and currently it is being studied by our lawyers. In order to exclude any possibility of profiteering from marital property division we should introduce the ...

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Chechnya tops statistics for children’s health, Kadyrov attributes success to sports and temperance

The head of the Chechen Republic has announced plans to make sport a way of life in the region, saying that children should be encouraged to exercise by example rather than formal demands. In a recent interview with RIA Novosti, Kadyrov said that the very first steps taken by Chechen authorities after the end of the war with terrorists had ...

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Russian diplomats urge Georgia to sign non-aggression treaty with Abkhazia and South Ossetia

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement calling for Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia to sign a treaty on mutual non-use of force that could become the first step in arranging fully-fledged dialogue. “Over the past years Russia’s efforts in the Southern Caucasus have been aimed at the restoration of the dialogue and the full-fledged talks between Georgia on ...

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Significant share of Russians blame Georgia, US & NATO for 2008 South Ossetia war

The largest share of Russians think the 2008 military conflict between their country and Georgia was initiated by the West and Georgia’s pro-Western leadership while Russian authorities did all they could to prevent bloodshed. In a poll conducted by the Russian independent think-tank Levada on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the war in South Ossetia, researchers asked members ...

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Georgia’s NATO entry could lead to terrible conflict, Russian PM warns

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has said that a terrible conflict could emerge from Georgia’s accession into the NATO bloc and noted that there was no real justification of such risk. “This could provoke a terrible conflict, and it is not clear why is this necessary,” the official said in an interview with Kommersant radio aired on Monday. Read more Medvedev ...

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Russian space boss Rogozin promises ‘serious battle’ with foreign competitors

The head of the Russian state-run space corporation Roskosmos has acknowledged the partial loss of leading positions on world markets, but promised that a “serious battle” with competitors would restore the situation. “We are not going to cede our leadership in space to anyone. We respect our country and we will give a serious battle to our competitors, I promise ...

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“Kremlin Aggression Act” is not a topic for talks with America says snr Russian senator

Russian-American dialogue should be based on real issues and not on the latest US proposal for new anti-Russian restrictions or similar documents, the head of the Russian Upper House Committee for International Relations has said. “It would be important for us to build the dialogue around issues that make real relations of our two nations. And these definitely do not ...

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Russian regions start undeclared moratorium on abortions – report

Maternity homes and Health Ministry branches in several Russian regions have declared a temporary moratorium on artificial abortions as part of a nationwide campaign, a popular daily reports. On Monday popular Russian newspaper Kommersant released an article in which it quoted the chief gynecologist and obstetrician of the Far East region of Primorye, Yevgeniya Shutka, as saying that all local ...

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Burger King Russia facing probe over reports of unsolicited user data collection

Russia’s state internet watchdog says it will launch an investigation into the Burger King fast food franchise after customers complained about the company’s attempts to collect their personal data. “We have included Burger King into our inspections plan for the next year. All consumers’ complaints that did not fall under our responsibilities were forwarded to our colleagues from the agency ...

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Significant share of citizens feel capable of influencing Russian nation, poll shows

Ordinary Russians have started to trust in themselves and their ability to influence the life of their nation, according to recent research by a leading economics university. On Thursday Russia’s Higher School of Economics released the results of the research, entitled ‘Volunteer movement and social capital.’ According to the study, 37 percent of Russians currently think that they are able ...

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