Chechen leader Kadyrov praises Putin’s support for Islam

Ramzan Kadyrov has said that President Vladimir Putin stayed true to his pledge to support Muslims in Russia and around the world, adding that Western policies have only brought war and destruction to Islamic nations. In a new message posted on the Telegram social network, Kadyrov thanked Putin for his support to Chechen Muslims. He wrote that Putin was fulfilling ...

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‘It would show Russia cares about future’: Patriarch urges special status for multi-child families

Russian Orthodox Church head Patriarch Kirill has urged senators to provide special status for multi-child families in Russia, questioning why this can’t be done when preferences are being given to sexual minorities in the West. “The Church has supported and will support any positive changes in legislation aimed at maintaining maternity and childhood and, especially, to overcome such a terrible ...

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Russia to keep supporting Muslim education to tackle ‘destructive’ ideas – Putin

Russia will continue to support Islamic education, which plays a key role in tackling the destructive ideas spread among Muslim youths in the country, President Vladimir Putin said. The Russian authorities will “definitely support” Islamic education through “major state universities” and other means, the president said during a meeting with the country’s top Muslim clergy in Kazan on Wednesday. The ...

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Russian MPs strengthen punishment for violations by foreign agents in media

The State Duma has supported a drastic increase in fines for violations committed by media outlets which are financed from abroad and are labeled ‘foreign agents’ in Russia. All 407 of the MPs present voted in favor of the relevant amendments to the Russian Administrative Code in the first reading during a parliament session on Wednesday. The proposal to increase ...

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Black comedy ‘The Death of Stalin’ pulled from Russian cinemas after backlash

A black comedy about the death of Joseph Stalin has been pulled from cinema schedules in Russia just days before it was due for release, after several members of a State Duma committee said it contained “elements of extremism.” On Tuesday, several members of the Committee for Culture said Russia should put off the release of ‘The Death of Stalin’, ...

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Half of what’s mine… Russian senator proposes law equating cohabitation to marriage

The Russian Duma will consider a law that would give partners the same rights as spouses after five years of cohabitation, or two years if the couple has a child. The legislation has been met with a stormy response. Read more The bill was submitted to the Duma by Anton Belyakov, a member of Fair Russia, a party that holds ...

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State Duma urges swift blocking of online calls for school violence

Online calls for violence in Russian schools should be swiftly blocked, a top Russian MP said, commenting on recent stabbing attacks in Perm and Ulan-Ude. The existing laws provide sufficient tools to fulfill this task, he added. “All the means to block [social media] groups, which contain calls for violence in schools are in the possession of [Russian internet watchdog] ...

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Constitutional Court crushes Navalny’s presidential ambitions

The Constitutional Court has turned down a complaint about the law on elections by opposition activist, Aleksey Navalny, who was denied registration as presidential candidate over a suspended sentence. The complaint by Navalny doesn’t meet the requirements of the law “On the Russian Constitutional Court,” a refusal note, signed by the court’s chairman Valery Zorkin, said. The decision is final ...

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New Kiev law marks shift ‘from sabotage to burial’ on Minsk deal – Russian senator

The new Ukrainian law on the reintegration of Donbass means an end to the Minsk peace deal and will likely lead to a new war in the southeast of the country, Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev warned. “By adopting the odious law on the reintegration of Donbass, the Verkhovna Rada [parliament] of Ukraine has effectively axed the Minsk agreements (the mentioning ...

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Lib Dem leader baits US by urging it to help him win Russian election

The leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, said he won’t believe the claims of Russian meddling in the US election unless the Americans help him win the March 18 presidential vote in Russia. “If they [the US] think that we [Russia] really somehow interfered in their election through social networks, let them now use the social networks ...

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