Farrell retirement to set off committee musical chairs

Here is the third item from my “Albany Insider” column that was cut for space from Monday’s print editions: The upcoming retirement of veteran Assembly Ways and Means Committee Chairman Herman “Denny” Farrell is set to kick off an elaborate game of committee musical chairs. With Farrell gone, one of the most coveted and lucrative committee chairmanships is now open ...

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Startup blames hackers for tanking site after Clinton plug

A left-wing meme factory aimed at combating Trump’s alternative facts was slapped with a hack attack Sunday after garnering an endorsement from Hillary Clinton. Starter founder and Democratic operative Peter Daou said his website, Verrit, went offline because of a suspected distributed denial-of-service attack following the former presidential candidate’s glowing review. “Hillary Clinton endorsed @Verrit, our new media platform, an ...

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Trump wants to kill Obama program protecting 'Dreamers': report

President Trump has reportedly decided to kill the Obama-era program that shields thousands of “Dreamers” or undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children from deportation, according to a report.  Attorney General Jeff Session, through conversations with the President, persuaded him to slash the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The decision would take six months to enforce, Politico, ...

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Italian-American group to quiz candidates about Columbus statue

The head of an Italian-American group is taking the fight over the city’s Christopher Columbus statue to the ballot box, planning to quiz each candidate in the upcoming election on their position on the monument. Angelo Vivolo, president of the Columbus Citizens Foundation, said his group would survey every candidate for city office in this year’s election to ask whether ...

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LUPICA: Hurricane Trump's wreckage may cause government shutdown

Here is one of the things that happened in Houston over the weekend: A hurricane visited a hurricane. “Things are working out well,” President Trump said. Of course he was talking about the relief efforts, and the immense humanity and strength of Texans, and the government’s response to Hurricane Harvey, even as he found time to take another swing at ...

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White House wants to tie Harvey funds with debt ceiling bill

The Trump administration said Sunday that Congress should attach Tropical Storm Harvey relief funding to a bill boosting the debt ceiling — a move that would likely disrupt attempts to pass both of the time-sensitive measures. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he and President Trump would not guarantee that Harvey funding and debt ceiling legislation would be kept separate. “Quite ...

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Obama's private letter to Trump urges to protect U.S. leadership

In an Oval Office letter to President Trump, former President Barack Obama congratulated his successor on a “remarkable run” and urged him to safeguard democratic institutions and American global leadership. The White House missive, handwritten by Obama and left in a desk on Inauguration Day, was the last direct communication between the two presidents, according to CNN, which obtained a ...

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White House rushes to respond to latest North Korea nuke test

The White House on Sunday rushed to take national security and economic measures against North Korea after confirming that the rogue nation had pulled off its largest nuclear weapons test yet. President Trump called a national security team meeting to discuss the detonation, the White House said. In a series of tweets, Trump warned about North Korea becoming “very hostile” ...

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Trump condemns 'rogue nation' North Korea following H-Bomb test

President Trump on Sunday confirmed that North Korea conducted a “major” nuclear test and warned that Kim Jong Un’s country is a “major threat.” “North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States,” Trump wrote in a tweet. He added, “North Korea is a rogue nation ...

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Why September may be breaking point for Trump, GOP Congress

It could take just a dozen days this month for President Trump and his party to fracture for good. In September, Republicans in Washington will face their greatest test yet under Trump: An overwhelming legislative agenda, under a tight deadline, with the nation’s economy hanging in the balance. The country could be whacked by a government shutdown or a major ...

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