Russians head to ballot stations in 7th presidential election

Russians are choosing their president for the next six-year term on Sunday in an election that state officials have described as the most open and transparent in modern Russia’s history. The law orders that the nation’s top state official – the president of the Russian Federation – must be elected by a universal, equal and direct vote and specifies that ...

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Commemorative plaque for slain politician Nemtsov set up in Moscow

A plaque honoring an opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was killed three years ago, has been mounted on his Moscow apartment building. Read more The memorial tablet was placed on the building where the politician lived during his last years. Several dozen people attended the ceremony where the politician’s son, Anton, put the tablet on the apartment block’s wall. He ...

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Russian presidential election: A comprehensive guide to the main candidates

Russians head to the ballot boxes on Sunday, March 18, to select their next president. The date is significant because it’s is the fourth anniversary of Crimea’s reunification with Russia in 2014. The polls may indicate that the contest is a one-horse race, but while he’s almost certain to win comfortably, the 2018 campaign hasn’t all been about incumbent Vladimir ...

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Kidnappings, pop concerts & vodka ads: Russia’s presidential hopefuls in ‘the wild ‘90s’ (VIDEO)

Published time: 16 Mar, 2018 11:39 With the presidential polls already at the door, RT looks at what five of the candidates were doing back in Russia’s ‘wild 1990s,’ with its cult of money, rife crime, amateurish pop scene and not-so-subtle politics. Most of the hopefuls in Sunday’s Russian presidential election are what you would call political veterans, who have ...

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Russia to blacklist more US citizens in reply to latest sanctions – senior diplomat

Russia is preparing a mirror reply to the latest broadening of the anti-Russian restrictions by the US, says Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. He added that those who initiated the confrontation are “playing with fire.” “On our side from the very beginning we are maintaining parity on the number of persons listed on sanctions registers. So this time we will ...

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‘I slept with a pump-action shotgun beside my bed’: Putin reveals details of life in 1990s Russia

Vladimir Putin had to protect himself with firearms due to criminality in Russia during the pro-market reforms of the 1990s, and even considered taking a side-job as a taxi driver, the president revealed in an interview. The revelations emerged in a documentary about Putin, made by Russian journalist Andrey Kondrashov. In the film, one of the president’s friends, famous cello ...

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‘They should seek treatment’: Election official blasts Deutsche Welle bid to influence Russian polls

A Central Election Commission member has described a recent set of instructions for protests at presidential polls, published on a German media website, as a blatant attempt to interfere with Russia’s internal affairs. “They are trying to persuade our people not to take part in the elections. It is absolutely obvious that they are trying to influence the polls, to ...

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Russian reality star/presidential hopeful bursts into tears in live debate chaos (VIDEO)

Socialite-turned-politician Ksenia Sobchak stormed out of a live TV presidential debate in tears after interruptions by fellow contestants, flamboyant Liberal Democratic leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and other candidates. Tempers flared in the studio of Rossiya 1 channel near the end of the debate on Wednesday. When Sobchak, who positions herself as the opposition candidate “against all,” tried to deliver her 30-second ...

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Your guide to 2018 Russian presidential election candidates: 4. Vladimir Zhirinovsky (LDPR)

Russians will choose between eight presidential candidates on March 18, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky is the most electorally experienced hopeful. A rabble-rouser who is notorious for his outspoken views. Who? Vladimir Zhirinovsky Party? Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) What is his background? Zhirinovsky is neither a liberal nor much of a democrat. Instead, he’s a hardcore jingoistic nationalist, best described ...

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‘Interesting behavior’: Kadyrov says West shifting blame on Russia in Skripal poisoning case

The Chechen leader has said accusations against Moscow by the UK and US in the Sergei Skripal poisoning case are an attempt to shift the blame for the incident. He said the truth would soon be uncovered by Russian intelligence. “The West demonstrates very interesting behavior. When they are attempting to justify some of their own actions, they start accusing ...

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