Lawmakers dismiss NATO calls to disclose location of Russia’s newest ballistic missiles

Senior Russian politicians say the country’s military must not and will not inform NATO about the exact location of ballistic missiles moved to western borders in reply to external threats. “We support the continuation of dialogue, but deployment of certain weapons types on our own territory for defense and security purposes is Russia’s sovereign right. We don’t have to report ...

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Russian parliament moves to ease current ban on display of Nazi symbols

A senator from the opposition party, Fair Russia, has drafted a bill to decriminalize the use and public display of Nazi symbols for the purpose of research, education or art; as opposed to the promotion of extremist ideas. Read more In an explanatory note attached to the bill, Senator Anton Belyakov wrote that existing laws do not distinguish between actual ...

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Chechen leader hints at possible ban of dangerous cryptocurrencies

Ramzan Kadyrov has said that cryptocurrencies that threaten economic or political security of a nation should be banned, but added that the final say should be made by a specially-gathered council of Muslim clerics. “The council gathered by the Mufti of Chechnya Salakh-Haji Medjiyev has come to the conclusion that in order to pass a verdict on such a serious ...

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‘None of the above’ candidate asks Supreme Court to remove Putin from presidential race

Ksenia Sobchak has asked the Supreme Court to annul Vladimir Putin’s registration as a candidate in the March presidential elections, alleging the incumbent is violating legal term restrictions. Sobchak is running on the ticket of the minor political party Civic Initiative, but is positioning herself as an option for those who would prefer to fill the no-longer-existing ‘none of the ...

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Duma orders end to cruelty in hunting dog training amid major parliamentary rift

Russia’s lower house has passed a rewritten bill regulating the training of hunting dogs, after the upper house rejected a total ban on so-called “contact baiting stations” despite widespread criticism. The final draft of the document passed by the State Duma on Wednesday reads that the training of hunting dogs must not include cruelty to animals or inflict physical harm ...

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Communists propose confiscation of property to boost Russian economy

A group of Communist Party lawmakers is pushing for a nationalization drive in a bid to boost the Russian economy and strengthen national security. In a draft document sent to the State Duma and published on the Russian parliament’s website on Wednesday, the group describes nationalization as a forced but compensated confiscation of private property. It says that turning assets ...

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Moscow views mending relations with Washington as primary task – ambassador

Russia’s ambassador to the US has stated the importance of overcoming the negative tendencies in mutual relations and called proper cooperation between the two nations crucial to overcoming global threats, such as terrorism. “It is important to guide our American partners to understanding of the objective necessity of repairing the bilateral dialogue. Russian-American cooperation remains a decisive factor that influences ...

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Defense Ministry recommends Russian military quits using social networks – report

The Russian Defense Ministry has issued a fresh recommendation for all servicemen to stop using social networks, switch off geolocation services on mobile phones, and generally abstain from internet posts, a popular daily reports. Read more According to Izvestia newspaper, the set of recommendations on using social networks and other web services was developed by the Defense Ministry in 2017, ...

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‘North American Dead End’: Lawmaker proposes new name for US embassy street in Moscow

A lawmaker from the nationalist LDPR has proposed renaming the Moscow street where the US embassy is located as ‘North American Dead End’ – and City Hall says it intends to consider this option. MP Mikhail Degtyaryov, who currently chairs the lower house Committee for Sports, Tourism and Youth, recently came up with the initiative to rename an alley in ...

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‘Internet shouldn’t be accessible to just anyone:’ Russian Nobel Prize winner

Russian Communist Party MP and Nobel Prize-winner Zhores Alferov has urged restrictions on internet access, saying unlimited access to information can harm people’s morals and mental health. “The internet must have limitations and it must not be available to everyone,” Alferov stated in a recent interview with Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily. He went on to explain that in his opinion the ...

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