Russia's Syria ops protects Europe from Islamic State & migrant crisis, senior MP says

Russian anti-terrorist operations in Syria have provided peace and security for Europe, deputy Duma speaker Irina Yarovaya has said, adding that ending wars in third world countries is the best way to stop the migration crisis. “Today Russia is one of the world nations that is protecting not only its national interests in Syria. Russia provides peace and security for ...

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Medvedev orders to prepare anti-US sanctions similar to Europe and China’s

PM Dmitry Medvedev has ordered the Russian Economy Ministry to prepare an answer to “openly discriminative” steel and aluminum duties introduced by the United States, noting that Europe and China had already made their moves. Speaking at the Wednesday government session dedicated to international trade issues, Medvedev stated that the restrictions introduced by Washington “cannot be left unanswered.” “The European ...

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Russian senator warns Council of Europe against issuing ‘payment ultimatums’ to Moscow

The head of the Upper House commission for information policies has said that it was wrong on CE’s part to set ultimatums and deadlines to Russia because Moscow was not the real initiator of the current standoff. “Council of Europe should not give Russia deadlines or issue any ultimatums. The authors of the most acute crisis in Russia-Europe relations are ...

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Flamboyant nationalist leader calls for ban on 'tobacco-smoking monuments'

The head of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party has called for rather radical measures to fight tobacco addiction that include a complete ban on public demonstrations of smoking, including statues and monuments. Vladimir Zhirinovsky issued this comment after mass media in East Russia’s Altai Region reported that the bronze monument to poet Robert Rozhdestvenskiy had been installed without a cigarette in ...

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Russian military to get ‘research units’ manned by contract servicemen

The Russian Defense Ministry is considering the plan to create several units, engaged in research and development of new weapons and hardware, which are manned by professionals on a contract basis, a senior official has said. Acting head of the ministry’s directorate for research and development and modern technologies, Roman Kordyukov, told Interfax news agency that the plan can be ...

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Lenin, Stalin and last emperor Nicholas II top popularity rating of Russian historical figures

Russian Emperor Nicholas II, Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin are the most popular figures from 20th century among Russians, according to a recent poll. Research conducted by the Russian state-run public opinion center VTSIOM showed that the last Russian emperor is now the most popular of all historical figures throughout the volatile 20th century – 54 ...

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Kadyrov asks Putin to build high-speed train link to Chechen capital

The head of the Chechen Republic has requested that President Vladimir Putin amend the Russian transport strategy with a plan to build a high-speed railway link between the city of Krasnodar and the Chechen capital, Grozny. Kommersant reported that in a June 15 letter, Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov wrote that he had learned about the plans of the Russian ...

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Russian Supreme Court softens rules for street protests

The Russian Supreme Court has ruled that municipal authorities cannot deny a request for a protest rally because of inconveniences it could bring to non-participants, but noted that protests should not obstruct traffic. On Tuesday, the Plenum of the Russian Supreme Court passed a statement concerning the practical application of the updated law on street rallies in which it emphasized ...

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Russian senators seek to make the day Crimea joined the Russian Empire a commemorative date

A group of Russian senators headed by Upper House speaker Valentina Matviyenko have drafted a motion to make the date when Crimea joined the Russian Empire in the late 18th century a commemorative day. “The bill establishes a new commemorative day in Russia. This is April 19 – the day when the Crimean Peninsula, the island of Taman and the ...

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New bill offers amnesty to Ukrainian refugees who illegally remain on Russian territory

A senior Russian majority party lawmaker has drafted a bill offering amnesty to all Ukrainian citizens who remain on Russian territory, speeding up the naturalization procedure for those who seek it. The bill has been prepared by the head of the lower house commission for relations with the Commonwealth of Independent States and Russian diaspora in foreign countries, Konstantin Zatulin, ...

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