Russian-speaking minority in Latvia protests against new legislative attack on their identity

Latvia’s largest opposition party has called for the reversal of education reforms that threaten Russian-language classes in the country’s schools, claiming they contradict the national constitution and international convention. The Social Democratic Party, called “Harmony,” represents the interests of Russian speakers that constitute up to 40 percent of Latvia’s population. The call to reverse the education reforms was made to ...

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Putin thanks voters for “greatest support in modern Russia’s history”

President Vladimir Putin has thanked all Russians for re-electing him, promising deep and stable positive changes in everyone’s lives, and asking political opposition to abstain from populism in their criticism of authorities. In an address that was broadcast soon after the Central Election Commission announced the official results of the March 18 presidential poll, Vladimir Putin said that over 76 ...

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Putin re-elected as Russian president, Election Commission declares polls valid (WATCH LIVE)

Russia’s Central Election Commission is announcing the final results of the country’s presidential election, after declaring the vote valid. According to the head of the commission, Ella Pamfilova, Vladimir Putin has claimed 76.69 percent of the vote, winning his third non-consecutive term as Russian president. Putin’s candidacy was supported by 56.43 million voters.  Communist Party candidate, Pavel Grudinin, came second ...

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Protesters attack district official after landfill gas allegedly poisons children

A district official from the Russian town of Volokolamsk was attacked by a group of protesters, who said that pollution from a major landfill site near their homes has poisoned their children. Read more Earlier this week, around 50 local children sought medical treatment for symptoms of mild poisoning, including a skin rash, sore throats, and irritated eyes. On Wednesday, ...

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Russian reporters boycott parliament over sexual harassment scandal

Several Russian media outlets have announced that they are ending cooperation with the lower house of parliament after its ethics commission dismissed sexual harassment accusations by a number of female reporters against an MP. The decision was announced shortly after the State Duma ethics commission refused to take disciplinary measures against Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky. The ...

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Ethics commission says harassment charges against MP were part of election-related campaign

The Russian lower house ethics commission has refused to take disciplinary measures against MP Leonid Slutsky, noting that charges of harassment made against him by several women appeared to be part of a pre-planned campaign. “The commission has not found any dysfunction of behavioral norms in Mr Slutsky,” Head of the Commission Otari Arshba told reporters on Wednesday, after the ...

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Putin order examination of Sobchak’s request to pardon alleged ‘political prisoners’

A Russian presidential spokesman has told reporters that Vladimir Putin received a request to pardon 16 alleged political prisoners from election rival Ksenia Sobchak. He has ordered his administration to look into it. “This is true, this list made by Sobchak has been passed to the president. The president received it and charged his administration with the task of working ...

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No free love? Russian parliament rejects cohabitation bill

State Duma representatives have rejected a proposal to legally equate five years of cohabitation with registered marriage, citing technical problems with the draft legislation as the reason for the rejection. Read more “The proposed characteristics of the de-facto marriage relations are vague and it is not clear from the text of the draft who should decide on the moment when ...

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Presidential poll results cancelled at 7 ballot stations – Russian official

The head of Russia’s Central Election Commission has said that the results of the March 18 poll had been canceled in seven districts across the country, citing deliberate provocations as the reason. “At present, the voting results have been canceled in seven elections districts,” Ella Pamfilova told reporters on Tuesday, adding that some of the violations were deliberately prepared stunts. ...

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