Russia reforms government, introduces digital development ministry

While the names of the ministers inside the new Russian government are yet to be announced, its structure will undergo subtle but potentially impactful transformations, after a decree was signed by Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, which oversees not only data technology, but also the mass media in Russia, will be transformed into the ...

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Russian MPs draft bill ordering 10-fold decrease of own salaries

Lawmakers from leftist opposition party Fair Russia have proposed setting salaries of State Duma deputies level with the national average, which in practice would mean a decrease from 350,000 to about 35,000 rubles per month. The draft was prepared by the leader of the party Sergey Mironov and MP Oleg Nilov. In a note attached to the bill they wrote ...

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Telegram Messenger blocking in Russia not in force 'due to appeal'

The ruling on nationwide blocking of Telegram Messenger has not come into force because it is being appealed by the app’s lawyers, the press service of the Moscow City Court reports. Earlier on Tuesday, Russian mass media, quoting a message on the court’s web-site, reported that the decision to block the software on Russian territory, due to the company’s refusal ...

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West tried to prevent Putin’s re-election as president since 2011 – senators

The Russian Commission for State Sovereignty Protection has found that Western nations already sought to oust Vladimir Putin from power in 2011, long before the beginning of the ongoing political crisis. “People in Washington and other capitals understood very well that in accordance with the Russian Constitution and tradition, the main battle for control over Russia always takes place in ...

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Russian MPs draft bill allowing jail terms for anyone facilitating foreign sanctions

Russian MPs have drafted a bill which means any action or inaction that helps to implement anti-Russian sanctions from foreign states should carry criminal responsibility with punishments of up to four years in prison. The joint document has been prepared by representatives of all four parliamentary caucuses headed by Upper House Speaker Valentina Matviyenko and Lower House Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. ...

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Chechen lawmakers seek third consecutive term for Putin as president of Russia

The Chechen parliament has unanimously voted to prepare and draft a constitutional amendment that would allow the same person to remain President of the Russian Federation for three consecutive terms instead of the current two. The parliament of the Chechen Republic decided to draft the legislative initiative allowing one person to remain as Russian president for three terms in a ...

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Russian-Israeli man who attacked Moscow journalist with knife 'unfit for trial', sent for treatm

A Russian-Israeli citizen who attacked a radio journalist in 2017, claiming he had ‘telepathic contact’ with her, is unfit for trial due to mental illness and should be sent for treatment, a court in Moscow has ruled. Boris Grits was recognized as unfit to stand trial for attempted murder and relieved of criminal responsibility. The same ruling, by the Presnensky ...

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Russia rejects Hague court order to compensate Ukrainian companies as illegitimate

Russia has rejected the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s order to compensate Ukrainian companies for losses, allegedly stemming from the 2014 Crimea reunification, saying that the issue was outside the jurisdiction of The Hague. The Russian Justice Ministry made the statement after the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled in favor of 18 Ukrainian companies that sought compensation from ...

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Lawmakers propose sanctions against external attempts to meddle in Russian elections

Russia’s parliamentary majority party has prepared a bill that, if passed, would list as “undesirable” all foreign and international groups that attempt to influence Russian elections, effectively banning their activities. The bill is written as a set of amendments to the existing Russian “Dima Yakovlev Law” – the 2013 piece of legislation introducing targeted sanctions against foreign citizens and groups ...

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All Russian citizens who fight for Islamic State will face criminal prosecution – senior diplomat

Over 4,000 Russian citizens are currently fighting on the terrorists’ side in Syria, but all of them will face criminal charges if they return home, the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov has said. “Russian law enforcement agencies currently possess information about over 4,000 Russian citizens who have left our country in order to participate in armed formations [in Syria],” ...

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