Brewers' Eric Thames once pretended to charge mound in Korea

The legend of Eric Thames grows.

The Brewers slugger has captivated Milwaukee and Major League Baseball with his league-leading 11 home runs through April after spending the last three years playing in the Korean Baseball Organization.

On Sunday, a video of Thames surfaced from a time where he pretended to charge the mound at the KBO All-Star Game.

Thames got hit in the elbow on the pitch and began making his way to first base with his bat in his hand until he dropped it, knocked off his helmet and started toward the mound.

All you need to know about Brewers slugger Eric Thames

Eric Thames leads the majores with 11 home runs.

Eric Thames leads the majores with 11 home runs.

(Morry Gash/AP)

After a few steps Thames laughed and proceeded to finish his way to first.

The pitcher was also laughing, though he did start backpedaling as Thames moved toward him.

It was an All-Star Game so it was all in good fun, something Thames seems to be having plenty of as he makes an emphatic return to the majors.

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