Bomb threat forces Turkish A320 jet flying from Moscow to land in Ukraine

An Airbus A320 en route from Moscow’s international Domodedovo airport to one of Turkey’s cities has reportedly performed an emergency landing in Odessa, Ukraine. There have been reports of a possible explosive device on board.

A decision to land in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa was prompted by a suspicious object on the plane, regional head of Ukrainian national police, Ruslan Forostyak, said on his Facebook page. The passenger plane belongs to a Turkish airline and was being operated by a Turkish crew.

“One of the passengers complained of feeling unwell and having an upset stomach in particular, and spent a while in the toilet,” he wrote, adding that the crew found such actions “suspicious.”

“They then throughly inspected the toilet and discovered a suspicious bag there,” the Ukrainian police official added.

A decision to land at the nearest airport was made, with explosives experts in Odessa then inspecting the bag. They then said the piece of luggage contained the personal belongings of a passenger, with no dangerous substances found.

The passenger, who is a Lithuanian national, is now being questioned by the Ukrainian security service.


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