Bail bondsman accused of marrying 43-year-old and her daughter

A bail bondsman has been accused of being married to two women, a 43-year-old and her 18-year-old daughter, as well as lying about his identity.

Christopher Buckley, 44, is accused of trying to own a gun as a felon by applying for a concealed weapon permit in Northumberland County under a different name last year, according to prosecutors.

Records for Christopher Hauptmann, the alias allegedly used for the application, do not show any serious interactions with law enforcement, though records for Buckley show that he has previously been sentenced for drug crimes in New Jersey.

Investigators noticed that Hauptmann and Buckley looked the same, and also found that their fingerprints matched, according to court documents.

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Officials looking into the suspect also learned that he married a woman in Florida in November 2015 before marrying her daughter less than a year later last September.

The first wife, Shannon Deitrich-Durovick, said that there had never been a divorce filed before her husband married her daughter Kaylee.

Buckley, who went by the name Christopher Hauptmann, also faces gun charges.

Buckley, who went by the name Christopher Hauptmann, also faces gun charges.


Kaylee Hauptmann would not comment on the case against her husband, but told the Daily Item that she continues to operate the bail bond business they run together.

Buckley, who is being charged as Hauptmann, told a judge at his own bond hearing that he should be released because he needs to check on alleged criminals out on bond themselves, though his request was denied.

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As of Wednesday evening he was still in jail in lieu of $ 300,000 bond.

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