‘Baby driver’: Stunned passenger confronts teen-looking busman behind the wheel (VIDEO)

A fresh-faced bus driver was forced to show his driving license to the media to prove that he really was an adult after reports emerged that a school boy was driving passengers in Russia’s southern city of Rostov.

Shakhboz Koziev, who drives bus the No 96 in Rostov-on-Don, made headlines earlier this week after one of his passengers uploaded a video of him online.

“It was obviously a teenager. His driving was terrible. It was frightening. He was speeding up rapidly and then hitting the brakes hard. There were a lot of elderly people and mothers with children on the bus,” Darya Sergeeva, who shot the clip, told 161.ru website.

When the woman confronted Koziev over his young age and poor driving skills, he was quite rude and told her to put away the phone. Sergeeva wanted to know if the busman had a driving license at all and he replied “no,” adding: “Why do you care? Are you a road police inspector?”

The media picked up the story and labelled the driver “Benjamin Button” after a book and movie character, who was born old, but got younger as he aged.

Mash Instagram channel found Koziev in Rostov and persuaded him to show his driving license on camera. The ID said that he was born in the Central Asian state of Tajikistan on May 5, 1993. The police also confirmed that he was old enough to drive the bus.

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“I’m 25 years old. I’m often asked about my age, but almost everybody knows it by now. Only those unaware ask questions and film me on their phones. I’ve been on the internet four or five times already,” the man said, adding that he has been driving the bus for over a year now.

Earlier in August, a bus driver in Russia’s Kazan was fired after being caught on video steering with his feet, instead of his hands.

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