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Monster ‘fatberg’ to be exhibited at Museum of London next year

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 20:55 London’s biggest “fatberg” will be showcased at the Museum of London next year. The “repulsive” 130-tonne blob was found clogging sewers in East London. A slice of the congealed mass of waste products – believed to be longer than Tower Bridge – will feature at the museum, which has described it as congealed concoction ...

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‘21st century guy’ Kim Jong-un & Trump ‘pretty much the same’ – Dennis Rodman

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 19:47 Retired NBA star Dennis Rodman is convinced that the North Korean leader and the US president “are pretty much the same people,” with a threat of a nuclear war being merely an “entertainment.” Despite Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump quite often indulging in exchanging personal insults, resorting to a peculiar name-calling, the two are ...

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‘US govt equates American people to enemy when it hides troops’ whereabouts’ – Ron Paul

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 20:32 Edited time: 12 Dec, 2017 20:58 The Pentagon listing the location of some 44,000 military personnel as “unknown,” while citing secrecy reasons to protect them from the “enemy,” effectively means that the US public falls into that category, former US Congressman Ron Paul told RT. Lack of accountability on the whereabouts of the US ...

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IOC sanctions Russian women’s ice hockey squad, annuls Sochi results

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has extended its sanctions against Russia by adding six members of the national women’s ice hockey team to the long list of athletes who are now prohibited from participating in any future Olympics. The results of the Russian women’s ice hockey squad from the 2014 Sochi Games, where they finished sixth, were also annulled by ...

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Twitter officially launches ‘threads,’ a new feature for easily posting tweetstorms

Twitter today is announcing the launch of a new feature that will allow people to more easily post tweetstorms – that is, those series of connected tweets that have grown to become a popular workaround for getting past Twitter’s character count limitation in order to share longer thoughts. The company confirmed last month it was testing the feature – which it’s ...

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Trump supporters call 5yo girl a terrorist & verbally attack women (VIDEOS)

A five-year-old girl was called a terrorist by Trump supporters in Los Angeles on Sunday. The expletive-laden altercation was filmed by the girl’s cousin and has been watched online more than 3.7 million times. Three Trump supporters are seen having a confrontation with a Palestinian-American woman, a teenage boy and the five-year-old on a street, in a video shared by ...

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Two major cryptocurrency exchanges suffer outages

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 18:57 Cryptocurrency exchange operators Coinbase and Bitfinex have been experiencing technical problems in the two seemingly unrelated incidents. Coinbase’s website, as of 17:00 GMT Tuesday, showed “service unavailable,” flashing a message that said it was down for maintenance. Its exchange, the, appeared to be operational, stating, however, that it was experiencing “minor service outage.” ...

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Twitch launches an Alexa skill that plays your channels on Echo Show, offers live audio streams

Twitch, the Amazon-owned video game streaming service, is now available on Alexa. The company says it has launched a new skill for Alexa device owners that will allow Twitch users to track their favorite video creators and be notified when they start streaming, as well as discover new games and channels, among other things. The skill seems best designed for ...

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Denmark adds Saudi cleric to banned ‘hate preachers’ list

Published time: 12 Dec, 2017 18:39 The Danish Immigration Authority has added Saudi preacher Abdullah bin Radi Almoaede Al-Shammary to a ‘blacklist’ of 10 foreign clerics barred from entering the country amid allegations that these individuals promote hate speech. The country’s Minister for Immigration, Inger Stojberg, welcomed the announcement Tuesday. “Hate preachers have no business being in Denmark. They travel ...

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