Austin Rivers Says Breaking Up Clippers Would Be 'Idiotic,' We're Just a Piece Away

Austin Rivers Breaking Up Clippers Would Be ‘Idiotic’ … We’re a Piece Away

5/12/2017 9:23 AM PDT


Austin Rivers feels VERY strongly that the L.A. Clippers should do everything in their power to keep the core players for another season … telling TMZ Sports they’re just “a piece away” from being champs. 

The rumors are swirling that Doc Rivers will break the team up — possibly trading Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan or Chris Paul — in the hopes of bringing in a fresh lookin’ squad. 

But Austin says it would be “idiotic” to break up the band — “We still feel like we can be an NBA championship team.”

Of course, if Austin wants to vent to Clippers management, he definitely has a few connections …

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