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These the photos clicked to earn memories as well as not to be failed to remember. These are a few of the most fantastic picture clicked in current times from the expert digital photographers around the world.

Siena International Photo Award is among the photo contests with the highest possible global participation ever. 2016 edition has actually received nearly 50.000 photos from digital photographers as well as artists of around greater than 100 countries.

On the planet of a massive variety of contests, however only few of them are going amazing, remarkable shots. One of these is competitors Siena International Photography Awards, over the past year which was gone to by people and also photographers from 130 nations. Amongst the greater than 50,000 works of organizers picked the very best of the best, and we at ReckonTalk use a look at the stunning images with us.

Stunning Photographies from Siena International Photo

By the way, Siena International Photo Award is accepting applications for the 2017 competitors and it remains in full speed, and also that knows, probably, among pook readers there are the lucky ones that with their ability is about to obtain fame as well as recognition.

At this competition send tasks that can not be taken as well as failed to remember.

Victor of competitors. “Sardine run”, South Africa.

French professional photographer Lecoeur took home the largest reward of the evening by photographing an undersea  game in South Africa. Lecoeur clarifies, “During the movement of the sardines along the shore of South Africa, all the aquatic killer are running for sardines! “I was lucky to be at the right place at the good moment to photograph the predation.”


© Greg Lecoeur

Nomination “Free color,” noted the jury. “The contours and shadows”, Vietnam

Sienna photo

© Danny Yen Sin Wong

Nomination “Animals in their natural environment,” noted the jury. “Pilots”, Djibouti

Sienna photo

© David Robinson

3rd place in the category “Sports”. “Leap 2.0”, Málaga, Spain

Sienna photo

© Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis

2nd place in the category “Architecture and urban landscapes.” “Women of reflection”, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Sienna photo

© Ali Al Hajri

1st place in the category “Animals in their natural environment.” “Resource allocation”, Tromso, Norway

The Norwegian digital photographer was a large victor at the awards, with winning photos in the wildlife and also sport category. His famous winning photo shows the creating connection in between awesome whale as well as fishermen, as the whale discovers the audios of the boat and remains to capture additional herring that loss from the fishermen’s mesh.

Sienna photo

© Audun Rikardsen

Nomination “Animals in their natural environment,” kept in mind the jury. “Orangutan in the rainfall”, Bali, Indonesia.

Sienna photo

© Andrew Suryono

First place in the “People and also portrait’s photography.” “Mother and Son”, Baoji, Shaanxi Province, China.

This clean, easy, and touching image portrays the bond in between mom and kid, each mirroring each others placement with an expression of calm contentedness on their faces.

Sienna photo

© Jiming Lv 

First place in the classification “Beauty of nature”. “The impressive Mount Etna eruption,” Cesaro, Italy.

Famiani’s winning photo of Sicily’s Mt. Etna gushing ash, gas, and lava right into the skies was fired in December 2015.

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