Amazon launches Vine, a site for green consumers 

Alena Spurna/ says its team examines and scrutinizes the claims made by each supplier and manufacturer.

Destined to make life easier for US consumers concerned about the environment, new shopping site verifies the green and ethical credientials of all the products it offers.

The brainchild of Amazon, claims that it ensures everything that it sells is green so that you don’t have to.

Shopping online for environmentally-friendly products has an added layer of difficulty. Unable to physically examine a purchase before adding it to one’s basket, a customer either had to trust the available information on the site, or spend considerable time searching the internet or checking social media to see if a potential purchase met one’s ethical and civic standards. outlines that it addresses this problem by having its team examine and scrutinize the claims made by each supplier and manufacturer so that, when adding a product to their basket, consumers can enjoy peace of mind that a purchase really is organic, or really has been created using sustainable materials or in the most energy efficient way possible.

Though not extensive, the range of goods at launch includes baby food and clothes, household goods, clothing, home living and beauty products.

Ethical consumerism is a growing concern but it means different things to different people. So as well as a host of organic, fair-trade and sustainably made products, also enables shopers to buy produce sourced, grown or manufgactured within 100km of their home via its boutique stores. is by no means the first green shopping site on the internet. Green America (formerly Co op America) is designed to help consumers source locally produced produce while organizations like the Responsible Purchasing Network aim to arm members with all of the information they need to make iniformed shopping decisions, in addition to a growing number of organic supermarkets with online channels.

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