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Trump threatens ‘war-like posture’ if Democrats investigate him

Trump’s post-midterm press conference covered a range of topics but focused on the question of potential investigations by the newly empowered Democrats. If they do so, it will signal a “war-like posture,” Trump said. In a press conference following the results of the midterm elections, President Trump fielded questions for over an hour on election-related issues, border security and foreign ...

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Here’s what Samsung’s wacky folding phone looks like in action

As rumored, Samsung showed off a prototype of a folding display today. Folded, it’s a smartphone. Unfolded, it’s a tablet. Neat! Less neat: The company sort of went out of its way to not really show very much. A prototype was onstage for about 45 seconds, and it was deliberately backlit to be intensely silhouetted. They “disguised the elements of ...

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Trump blames Obama 'regime' for giving Crimea to Russia

President Trump has blamed his predecessor for Ukraine’s loss of Crimea to Russia, apparently unaware that the transfer was the result of a referendum and that Ukraine is a sovereign nation. When a reporter suggested instead that “it was President Putin who annexed Crimea,” Trump insisted, “That was President Obama’s regime. That was during President Obama. Right? It was President ...

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Trump credits Trump with oil price decline: 'That’s because of me'

US President Donald Trump is taking credit for falling oil prices, attributing the drop to the Iranian sanctions waivers he announced on Friday even as market analysts blame him for driving up the prices in the first place. Trump implied that the waivers allowing eight countries to continue importing Iranian crude were directly responsible for the price drop, even though ...

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Samsung’s dual-screen folding phone is very strange and probably doomed

Let me just say that I love the idea of a folding phone/tablet device. I was a Courier fanboy when Microsoft floated that intriguing but abortive concept device, and I’m all for unique form factors and things that bend. But Samsung’s first real shot at a folding device is inexplicable and probably dead on arrival. I’d like to congratulate the ...

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CNN's Acosta denied entry to White House following aggressive Trump press-conference

The Trump administration has pulled CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press credentials after a heated exchange with Trump during a press conference on Wednesday. Acosta found out when the Secret Service blocked his entry. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed Acosta’s credentials had been revoked, stating “We will never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying ...

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Android developers can now force users to update their apps

At its Android Dev Summit, Google today announced a number of new tools and features for developers that write apps for its mobile operating system. Some of those are no surprise, including support for the latest release of the Kotlin language, which is becoming increasingly popular in the Android developer ecosystem, as well as new features for the Android Jetpack ...

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'I retired him,' Trump boasts as Flake flakes

Putting a good face on an election that saw his party lose control of the House, President Trump bragged that he had “retired” Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, the Republican who opted to step down rather than support Trump. “In Jeff Flake’s case it’s me, pure and simple. I retired him. I’m very proud of it, I did the country a ...

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How to stream U.S. elections coverage if you don’t have TV

You don’t need a TV to tune in to live coverage of the U.S. elections results today – and you don’t have to have Hulu or another live TV streaming service, either. Today, YouTube announced a list of news organizations that will be broadcasting live elections coverage on its site today – helpful for those who don’t have another way to ...

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‘Trump controls the media’ – Larry King talks midterms with RT (VIDEO)

Legendary news anchor Larry King gave his take on the midterm election results to RT America. King talked of an election, and a president, like no other. “This was an election for or against Trump,” King said, adding “there’s never been anything like this in history.” [embedded content] Speaking to RT earlier, King said that the media’s non-stop focus on ...

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