Daily Archives: November 6, 2018

1.4mn former felons will vote again in Florida

The passing of Florida’s Amendment 4 will restore over a million former felons’ right to vote in future elections. While activists are claiming victory, others are left with serious concerns that the changes are too forgiving. Alongside voting politicians in and out of office, Wednesday’s midterms include a number of direct amendments to state law. In Florida, one controversial amendment ...

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China’s obsession with short videos has its internet giants worried

Take a subway ride in China and expect to see a lot of commuters’ eyes glued to TikTok videos on their phones. Video clips like TikTok’s are now consuming nearly nine percent of Chinese people’s time online, a 5.2 percent jump from 2017, according to app analytics firm QuestMobile. Apps such as TikTok — which is operated by ByteDance, the ...

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Pornhub offers free (lawn) blow jobs for upstate New York residents

International pornography portal Pornhub has launched a promotion in New York offering free leaf removal service. The website will work with a local company to help ease resident’s seasonal labor while promoting their brand. During fall nature unveils her most alluring and vibrant colors, but her bounty is not always appreciated by residents who have to remove countless fallen leaves ...

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Luminar nabs former Uber executive to lead LiDAR startup’s business development

Luminar, the buzzy LiDAR startup founded by Austin Russell, has added another high-profile executive to its ranks. This time, Luminar has hired Uber executive Brent Schwarz as its head of business development. Schwarz, who has been at Luminar for about two months now, comes from Uber by way of self-driving truck startup Otto, which acquired his own LiDAR startup. Schwarz is ...

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CNN slams ‘schizophrenic moment’ Fox’s Hannity joins Trump on stage

TV news is losing its mind after Sean Hannity hugged and praised the president on stage at a rally Monday night, breaking a cardinal rule of political journalism, but the Fox News host’s support for Trump isn’t exactly a surprise. Despite a pre-rally tweet stating he was only interviewing President Trump for Fox and not campaigning with him onstage at ...

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Democrats must do more than Trump-bashing if they want to win – analysts

If Democrats want a blue wave to crash down on Republicans and roll till 2020, they must talk about things they can do to improve the lives of their constituents rather than vilify US President Donald Trump, analysts told RT. Trump has cast the midterm elections as a referendum on himself. While the Republican president is not on the ballot, ...

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Tinder now has 4.1M paying users, expects $800M in revenue this year

Facebook Dating is no challenger to Tinder-owner Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH), which posted third-quarter earnings per share of 44 cents on Tuesday. The company, which owns several brands of internet dating services, including Tinder, Hinge, Ok Cupid and PlentyOfFish, surpassed analyst’s forecasted revenue of $ 437 million, reporting Q3 revenue of $ 444 million, a 29 percent increase year-over-year. Match ...

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Ukrainian video game set in Auschwitz has Poland up in arms

An unfinished Ukrainian video game set in Auschwitz has sparked outrage in Poland and forced the game studio to make major changes. The original game had players take on the role of inmates or SS guards in the Nazi death camp. “Cost of Freedom” is not your casual entertainment to kill an hour or two after work. The creation of ...

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Google launches Cloud Scheduler, a managed cron service

Google Cloud is getting a managed cron service for running batch jobs. Cloud Scheduler, as the new service is called, provides all the functionality of the kind of standard command-line cron service you probably love to hate, but with the reliability and ease of use of running a managed service in the cloud. The targets for Cloud Scheduler jobs can ...

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Ukrainian journalist & veteran of far-right Azov Battalion caught making Nazi salute (PHOTOS)

A journalist working with a TV channel owned by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has been caught making the Nazi salute. It’s only the tip of the iceberg, since she is actually a veteran of far-right militant group Azov. The photo of Natalia Kotskovitch was featured over the weekend by Anatoly Shariy, a popular Ukrainian video blogger and journalist, who lives ...

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