Daily Archives: October 2, 2018

Notorious French gangster arrested months after daring helicopter jailbreak

Three months after a spectacular prison break, Redoine Faid, the most wanted gangster in France and notorious for his escapes of a blockbuster genre, has been arrested by the authorities in his hometown, local media report. Following his spectacular escape from Reau prison near Paris in July with the help of a helicopter, Faid had been on the run for ...

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Opera Touch is a solid alternative to Safari on the iPhone

Browser company Opera is back doing what it does best, offering you beautifully designed alternatives to the stock browsers from the likes of Google and Apple . This week the company brought its ‘Opera Touch’ browser to iOS to give iPhone owners a different option to the basic Safari browser. The app was first launched for Android in April and, as ...

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Volcano erupts on Indonesia’s Sulawesi days after fatal quake & tsunami (PHOTOS)

Natural disasters continue to plague Indonesia, with the Mount Soputan volcano erupting on the island of Sulawesi just days after a devastating tsunami, triggered by a massive earthquake, struck the island, killing hundreds. After months of increased seismic activity, the Soputan volcano finally blew off steam on Wednesday morning, sending an ash column as high as 4,000 meters into the ...

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Apple expands Business Chat with new businesses and additional countries

Apple Business Chat launched earlier this year as a way for consumers to communicate directly with businesses on Apple’s messaging platform. Today the company announced it was expanding the program to add new businesses and support for additional countries. When it launched in January, business partners included Discover, Hilton, Lowe’s and Wells Fargo. Today’s announcement includes the likes of Burberry, ...

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Scare tactics: Shrieks of horror as bat crashes Trump rally (VIDEO)

A winged creature of the night hilariously gatecrashed a rally for President Donald Trump as a bat stirred up chaos amongst the crowd. Police were even forced to swoop in to contain one of Count Dracula’s minions. With ‘Make America Great Again’ supporters turning out to see the president speak in Johnson City, Tennessee, the beginning of the event was ...

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Facebook finds ‘no evidence’ hackers accessed connected apps

Facebook has said it’s found “no evidence” that third-party apps were affected by the data breach it revealed last week. Hackers stole account access tokens on at least 50 million users by exploiting a chain of three vulnerabilities inadvertently introduced by Facebook last year. Another 40 million also may have been affected by the attack. Facebook revoked those tokens — which keep ...

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‘Very scary time for American men’? Trump says Kavanaugh case erodes presumption of innocence

The scandals surrounding Supreme Court Judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh have shown that a “scary time” has come for young men in the US, where they no longer have the privilege of the presumption of innocence, Donald Trump said. Stressing that US lawmakers are demonstrating double standards in the scandal-ridden confirmation process of his protégé, Trump on Tuesday noted a drastic ...

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Malaysian PM doubles down on ‘hook-nosed Jews’ comments, blames Israel for ME woes

Malaysia’s nonagenarian prime minister has defended his controversial statements referring to Jews as “hook-nosed,” doubling down to assert that the creation of Israel has triggered most of the current troubles in the Middle East. Mahathir Mohamad’s comments came after being asked about alleged instances of being a “proud anti-Semite” during his long career in politics, by journalist Zeinab Badawi during ...

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Tad Low? Democrats send in another ‘shocking’ Kavanaugh accusation, GOP having none of it

Senate Democrats have submitted another allegation about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, citing a man who said he witnessed a salacious party at his Yale fraternity, as the FBI continues investigating the judge. Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware) forwarded a letter from Tad Low, who says he was an undergraduate student at Yale in 1987-88, and was present at a “shocking ...

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Google Home Mini? More like Google Home Minty

Hey, did you hear? There’s a big Google event coming up next week. There’s gonna be a big new phone and, no doubt, some additions to the Home line. In the meantime, here’s a mint (officially “Aqua”) Google Home Mini. The new color scheme is arriving on October 29, for the usual $ 49 price point. The timing of all ...

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