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Guatemala’s deadly & unstable volcano triggers massive pyroclastic avalanche (VIDEO)

Still unstable following a devastating and deadly eruption in June, Guatemala’s Volcano of Fire has spewed an avalanche of volcanic gas and rock, known as pyroclastic flow. Aerial footage of the phenomenon shows the exact moment the volcano roars back to live, before dust ascends into the air and deluge starts flowing in the direction of the Las Lajas ravine. ...

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Microsoft’s next big Surface event is October 2

’Tis the season for hardware events. First Apple, then Google and now Microsoft all have big announcements on tap for the next month or so. Details are light on this one. Same can be said for the invite, which is just a Microsoft logo and the words “a moment of your time.” The event will most likely be focused on ...

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Pentagon ‘routinely’ briefs Trump on ‘military options’ in case of chemical attack in Syria

Published time: 8 Sep, 2018 02:49 Edited time: 8 Sep, 2018 02:58 While no final decision has yet been made, top US general says he is involved in a “routine dialogue” with Donald Trump to keep him informed about “military options” to retaliate with in case “chemical weapons are used” in Syria. DETAILS TO FOLLOW Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT ...

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Google’s newest app Blog Compass helps bloggers in India manage their sites

Google has been heavily focused on serving the needs of Indian web users with the recent launch of apps like Tez for payments, Areo for food ordering, Neighbourly for communities, data-friendly versions of apps like Search and YouTube, and others. Now, the company is launching an app to serve the need of Indian bloggers with an app called “Blog Compass.” The ...

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Teenager killed, 395 injured in latest Gaza border clashes (VIDEOS)

A 17yo Palestinian has been killed by an Israeli sniper during Friday’s ‘Great March of Return’ protest. Nearly 400 others, including journalists and paramedics, were injured in clashes with the IDF along the Gazan border. Israeli snipers have once again been active along the Gaza-Israeli border as Palestinian protesters continue to put pressure on the frontier in weekly protests that ...

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Fortnite hits 15 million installs on Android

Circumventing the Google Play store wasn’t exactly a gamble for Epic, given the fact that Fortnite is essentially a license to print money. But even by its own standards, the game is posting some impressive numbers three weeks after hitting Android. In a blog post this week, Epic noted that the wildly popular sandbox survival game hit 23 million players ...

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US Air Force determining ‘facts & appropriate process’ to address Musk’s pot smoking

The US Air Force seems to be unsure how to react to SpaceX CEO’s marijuana smoking, and whether to review the security clearance of Elon Musk, whose company provides satellite launch services to the US government. Following Musk’s pot smoking performance during a live podcast show with comedian Joe Rogan, reports have emerged that the Air Force was conducting an ...

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Apple’s Shazam acquisition cleared by EU regulators

European regulators have given the green light to Apple’s December 2017 acquisition of music and image recognition discovery firm Shazam. Apple Music is the second largest music streaming service in Europe, after Spotify . While Shazam offers what has been described as “a leading music recognition app” in the region (and globally). TechCrunch broke the news of the acquisition last ...

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Spanish spin? NYT proposes strained Kremlin motive in Skripal case, but analysts don't buy it

The Gray Lady has put some fresh spin on the Skripal saga, with the paper saying the ex-spy may have been a target for Moscow-linked mobsters in Spain. But experts told RT they’re still waiting for evidence of Kremlin involvement. The New York Times article, which cites anonymous sources, claims that Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent, had been working ...

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Apple to streamline user data request process for police

Apple plans to make it easier for police to request and access its users’ data, and will put together a team to help law enforcement know what data they can and cannot request. Last year, Apple received and responded to 14,000 requests from US law enforcement agencies, including 231 that were classified as “domestic emergency requests.” The company divulged this ...

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