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US military blocks proposed railway linking North & South Korea

US military officials have put the brakes on a proposed rail project that would connect the Korean Peninsula, underscoring growing differences between Washington and Seoul on engagement with the Hermit Kingdom. The governments of the two estranged nations were set to begin preliminary plans for the rail link last week, but their application to send a train from Seoul across ...

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Apple is late to a self driving milestone — its first test car accident

Apple’s secretive self-driving vehicle program has disclosed its first accident, according to a report filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The low speed accident, which occurred August 24, is a milestone of sorts for the company, albeit not one that is being celebrated. These days, as more companies head out onto public streets to test their autonomous vehicle ...

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Court bans Brazil’s ex-President Lula, convicted of corruption, from running for office again

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has his presidential bid stalled after the Latin American country’s top electoral court ruled on Friday the veteran politician is ineligible to run due to his corruption conviction. Four judges out of a seven-member panel denied Lula the right to stand for the election following a tedious seven-hour debate. One judge has ...

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FBI arrests 5 suspects accused of training children for school shootings in New Mexico compound

The FBI has arrested five adults who kept malnourished children in squalid conditions at a compound in New Mexico, training them to wield weapons. They were detained on firearms-related charges after a judge let three of them go. The FBI says it arrested Jany Leveille, 35, on charges of “being an alien unlawfully in possession of firearms and ammunition in ...

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Russian cosmonauts use toothbrush & duct tape to patch oxygen leak at ISS

The simplest solutions are often the smartest, as it’s been proven by Russian cosmonauts, who used a toothbrush and an endoscope to examine and patch a micro-crack that was leaking oxygen at the International Space Station. A drop in air pressure was recorded at the ISS on Thursday night, and the crew gathered in the Russian segment of the station ...

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US already drafted list of targets for potential strike in Syria – report

The US military and intelligence have already compiled a list of preliminary targets they would strike in response to another chemical weapons incident in Syria, CNN reported, citing the US administration officials. The military are ready to “respond very quickly” at any moment if the US President Donald Trump decides to launch another strike against the Syrian government, one such ...

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More Alexa ‘blueprints’ arrive, offering customizable voice apps for families and roommates

Earlier this year, Amazon rolled out a new feature that allowed Alexa device owners to create their own custom skills using preconfigured templates. Today, Amazon is expanding Alexa Blueprints, as the service is called, to include a handful of new templates designed for families and roommates. These include a chore chart template, a house rules template for roommates, and others. ...

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US stops funding to Palestinian refugee agency due to 'irredeemably flawed operation'

The White House has announced it’s withdrawing all funding from the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, describing its approach to handling the issue as “unsustainable” and the US contribution disproportionate. The US State Department said on Friday that the installment of $ 60 million it allocated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in January ...

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Amazon is quietly doubling down on cryptographic security

The growth of cloud services — with on-demand access to IT services over the Internet — has become one of the biggest evolutions in enterprise technology, but with it, so has the threat of security breaches and other cybercriminal activity. Now it appears that one of the leading companies in cloud services is looking for more ways to double down ...

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Trump's harsh 'off the record' remarks about Canada leaked

Donald Trump again blasted the media for ‘dishonest reporting’ after ‘off the record’ remarks about Canada he made in an interview with Bloomberg somehow made it into the Toronto Star newspaper. Trump took to Twitter on Friday, saying that the “powerful understanding” between Bloomberg and him was “blatantly violated” by the leak of his comments that weren’t intended for public ...

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