Daily Archives: July 24, 2018

US airlines scramble to change Taiwan reference ahead of deadline set by China

Four major US airline carriers are making an eleventh-hour effort to change the way they refer to Taiwan on their websites, to reflect China’s mandated claim over the island’s sovereignty. American Airlines Group Inc. became the latest US carrier that opted to comply with Beijing’s directive, which urged flight operators across the world not to refer to Taiwan as a ...

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Trump favorite Brian Kemp wins Georgia’s GOP primary

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has won the Republican Party nomination for the state’s gubernatorial race. He will stand against Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams in a general election in the fall. With a 69–30 percent second-round runoff vote result on Tuesday, Kemp was able to secure the win against Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. Earlier, he received an eleventh-hour endorsement ...

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Both Amazon and Walmart announce expanded grocery delivery operations

Amazon and Walmart’s rivalry continues today with two dueling announcements related to their respective grocery delivery expansions. This morning, Amazon said it’s bringing grocery delivery via Whole Foods to several new markets in New York and Florida, including New York City and Miami, among others. Meanwhile, Walmart today is expanding grocery delivery in partnership with Postmates, with a launch in ...

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Los Angeles police, not hostage-taker, killed Trader Joe’s manager (VIDEO)

A Trader Joe’s employee who died in a shootout on Saturday during a tense hostage situation at a grocery store in Los Angeles, was actually shot by a police officer, LAPD confirmed Tuesday. After piecing together the timeline of the tragic events that culminated in a hostage situation at Trader Joe’s in the Silver Lake district, Los Angeles Police Chief ...

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Man’s Facebook rant about ex pops up on her feed, court rules it violated restraining order

Unintended communication through social media may amount to a violation of a restraining order and does not get First Amendment protection, Maine’s Supreme Court has ruled, in an appeal case. Richard Heffron III, 39, of Bath, Maine, was convicted last year for violating a protection order arising from abuse. He did so by posting messages on his Facebook page about ...

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Saudis force landing of Red Cross plane intercepted over Yemen

A Red Cross airplane flying over Yemen was forced to land in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi-led coalition said, accusing the aircraft of altering its course to fly over an area of military operations. Four passengers were on board the plane, which took off from Yemen’s capital Sanaa on Tuesday and headed south to Djibouti, a small African nation across the ...

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US man captured in Syria charged with aiding ISIS

A man from Michigan, recently transferred into US custody after being captured by US-backed militias in Northern Syria, has been charged with providing material support to the terrorist group Islamic State. The indictment, dated July 19, alleges that US-born Ibraheem Musaibli, 28, “knowingly provided and attempted to provide material support to ISIS [later known as Islamic State, or IS] in ...

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Pro-EU crowd braces as Bannon unveils right-wing counterpart to Soros’ foundation

Steve Bannon’s idea to set up a Soros-styled NGO to prop up Europe’s right-wing parties has caused quite a stir among liberals and the left, who rushed to accuse the former Trump advisor of planning an “attack on democracy.” Bannon’s new non-profit organization, blandly dubbed ‘The Movement’ is set to establish itself in Brussels and would bring together right-wing parties ...

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But Putin said otherwise: #Resistance embraces Russian president to counter Trump

The very same people who roasted President Donald Trump for rejecting evidence-free claims of Russian meddling in US elections are now demanding evidence for his claim Moscow will favor Democrats in November midterms. “I’m very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming Election. Based on the fact that no President has been ...

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Xiaomi goes after global markets with two new Android One phones

Xiaomi gave Google’s well-intentioned but somewhat-stalled Android One project a major boost last year when it unveiled its first device under the program, Mi A1. That’s now joined by not one but two sequel devices, after the Chinese phone maker unveiled the Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite at an event in Spain today. Xiaomi in Spain? Yes, that’s right. ...

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