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‘Qualification flight’: Pentagon test-drops upgraded nuke from B-2 stealth bomber over Nevada

The US Air Force has tested the B61-12 nuclear bomb by dropping a dud from a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber over Nevada, as part of an ambitious project to extend the service life of the bomb, introduced in 1968, by another 20 years. “The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA) and the US Air Force completed two non-nuclear ...

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‘EU is possibly as bad as China’: Trump attacks partners in new ‘unfair trade’ rant

Trading with the EU is almost as bad and unfair as trading with China, President Trump told Fox News, noting how Washington pays a fortune “protecting” its little European partners, and they reciprocate by doing “terrible” things. “The European Union is possibly as bad as China, just smaller,” Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News. “It’s terrible what ...

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Mass ‘religious’ suicide? 11 bodies found in India’s capital, most blindfolded & hanged (GRAPHIC)

An Indian family of 11 has been found dead in New Delhi, with 10 members blindfolded and hanging from a ceiling. Initial reports indicate a twisted spiritual mass suicide attempt, but police aren’t discounting other possibilities. The bodies of seven women and four men were discovered in the Burari suburb of the Indian capital on Sunday by their neighbor, who ...

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To ‘deter war’ or ‘provide lethal force’? – Pentagon website ‘confused’ on its own goals

The mission statement on the Pentagon’s website sends a mixed message about US military goals, as the old one aimed to “deter war,” while the new one focuses on providing “lethal force” instead. And the two somehow coexist. Read more The new version of the mission statement, proudly displayed at the bottom of each page of the Pentagon website, differs ...

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German interior minister Seehofer offers resignation in migration clash with Merkel – reports

Bavarian CSU leader and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has offered to resign from both of his government posts due to severe disagreements with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over her migration policy, local media report. While Seehofer, who has spearheaded the opposition to Merkel’s approach to tackling immigration problems, has not officially submitted his resignation, sources at a closed CSU presidency ...

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'We suck as neighbors': Americans take to Twitter on Canada Day to apologize for Trump

Canada Day has nothing to do with the US, but that hasn’t stopped the Twittersphere from using the holiday to insult Donald Trump, with some Americans even apologizing to their northern neighbors on behalf of their president. As Canadians marked the holiday with barbecues and family time on Sunday, others online were taking to Twitter, seizing the opportunity to throw ...

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Rallies are held across Russia against proposals to raise official retirement age

Demonstrations against a draft bill that envisages raising the retirement age were held across Russia on Sunday. The vast majority of the gatherings were sanctioned by the authorities and took place without any incident. The rallies attracted quite a low turnout and many cities saw only few dozen people showing up, according to opposition estimates. Russia’s law enforcement has not ...

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This month’s ‘blood moon’ eclipse to be the longest of the century

Lunar lovers, rejoice. The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century is taking place this month, and will briefly turn the Moon an eerie shade of red. NASA explains the entire event will go on for about four hours, while the ‘blood moon’ phenomenon itself will be visible for an hour and 43 minutes at its peak. July is a ...

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High crime: Georgia cops inadvertently find grow house with $1.2mn-worth of marijuana

Georgia deputies got a lucky break when they stumbled upon a massive, $ 1.2 million marijuana grow house, while making a house call on an unrelated matter in Cherokee County. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office paid a visit to the home of Carlos Suarez-Diaz Canton on Friday, looking for a suspect to serve a felony arrest warrant. They found a ...

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Clashes between right-wing & Antifa protesters declared riot by Portland cops (VIDEO)

After right-wing Patriot Prayer marchers clashed with local anti-fascist protesters in a violent brawl in downtown Portland, Oregon, local police have declared a riot. The rally, led by Patriot Prayer founder and Republican US Senate candidate Joey Gibson, drew more than 150 supporters near Schrunk Plaza on Saturday evening. Opposing protesters showed and soon-enough a violent brawl broke out with ...

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