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4 injured in shooting & stabbing in Sweden’s Helsingborg (VIDEO)

At least four people have been hospitalized with gunshot and stabbing wounds in the Swedish town of Helsingborg following an alleged ‘attempted murder’ which police are, for now, hesitant to definitively link to organized crime. The incident unfolded at about 8pm just steps away from the Gustav Adolf Church in the center of the city. When police arrived at the ...

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India’s defense council approves S-400 deal despite Washington’s pressure – report

India’s Defense Ministry has reportedly given the green light for the acquisition of the Russian S-400 air defense systems and has forwarded the deal for final approval, despite a warning from the US of potential consequences. After endorsing some “minor deviations” in the contract, defense minister Nirmala Sitharaman forwarded the 39,000 crore ($ 5.7mn) deal to purchase S-400 for final ...

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TEPCO aims to build more Fukushima-type nuclear reactors, vows to ‘excel in safety’ this time

TEPCO is conducting an independent geological survey to confirm the absence of active faults in Aomori Prefecture, where it wants to resume the construction of a Fukushima-type nuclear plant, frozen following the 2011 disaster. “It’s necessary to form a consortium for building a nuclear plant that is excellent in safety, technology and economy,” TEPCO President Tomoaki Kobayakawa said in Tokyo, ...

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What consent? Hungary, Poland & Czech Republic deny sealing migrant deal with Merkel

Three EU countries have denied reaching any final agreement with Germany on the return of migrants to the country of entry, despite Angela Merkel’s claim she’d received “political consent” from 14 EU nations to strike such a deal. “No such deal has been reached,” spokesman for Hungary’s government Zoltan Kovacs said, adding that Budapest has repeatedly rejected German attempts to ...

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2 Palestinian teens killed in ‘accidental’ Gaza explosion (PHOTOS)

A mysterious explosion in Gaza city has killed at least two teens, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. While the cause of the blast is still being investigated, police have reportedly discovered fireworks at the incident site. On Saturday afternoon an explosion rocked the Shujaeya neighborhood in Gaza City. Ambulances immediately arrived at the site of the incident to discover two ...

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'Six US presidents tried but failed': US sanctions aim to divide Iranians & govt, Khamenei says

US sanctions against Iran tried but failed to create a rift between the people and the state, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said. Antagonism between the countries intensified after Washington opted out of a nuclear deal. By imposing economic pressure on the Islamic republic, Washington is seeking to separate the nation from the system, Khamenei said, in comments released on ...

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'Propaganda organization': White Helmets 'engage in anti-Assad activities' – author Sy Hersh to RT

Although some members of the Western-supported White Helmets may be in the business of saving lives, the group is also a “propaganda organization,” author Sy Hersh has told RT’s ‘Going Underground.’ “Too many times we’ve seen the same child in photographs, year after year, always covered in dust,” Hersh said, adding that the White Helmets “do engage in anti-Assad [activities].” ...

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Blunderful Giuliani says US wants to change regime in Iran

Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has once again risked the wrath of the US State Department, by suggesting that the president’s decision to reimpose sanctions on Iran is aimed at bringing about regime change. Addressing an event organized by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a Paris-based exile group, the gaffe-prone former mayor of New York said ...

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Air pollution linked to 3.2 million cases of diabetes in 2016 – study

Obesity, poor diets, and sedentary lifestyles are the usual suspects when it comes to diabetes, but a new study says that air pollution is another major cause of the disease, linked to 3.2 million cases a year. For the study, which is the first to dig deep into the possible link between pollution and diabetes, researchers from the Washington University ...

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Street torrents & falling rocks: Moscow endures tropical storm (VIDEOS)

Heavy rain has hit Russia’s capital, turning streets into wild rapids and even causing surprise rock-falls, rare in a largely flat region, giving Moscow a truly tropical feel amid unusually hot weather. Massive rain and stormy winds hit Moscow on Saturday afternoon, seemingly putting an end to a nearly week-long spell of scorching heat. Emergency services released a warning ahead ...

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