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Seattle passes new tax on large companies despite Amazon’s howls of protest

Seattle’s city council voted unanimously to approve a new tax on the largest employers in the city, despite strong opposition by Amazon and other affected companies. The tax, on companies with more than $ 20 million in receipts, will amount to about $ 275 per employee and is intended for use in improving conditions for the city’s homeless. The original ...

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Sichuan captain lands aircraft after co-pilot ‘sucked halfway’ out the windshield (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Sichuan Airlines Airbus A319 was forced to perform an extreme emergency landing in China after one of the cockpit’s windshields shattered, nearly sucking the co-pilot out of the plane at 32,000 feet. Flight 3U8633 took off from Chongqing city at 6:26 am on Monday and has managed to climb to 9,800 meters (32,150 feet) when a windshield on the right ...

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Anyone could download Cambridge researchers’ 4-million-user Facebook data set for years

A data set of more than 3 million Facebook users and a variety of their personal details collected by Cambridge researchers was available for anyone to download for some four years, New Scientist reports. It’s likely only one of many places where such huge sets of personal data collected during a period of permissive Facebook access terms have been obtainable. ...

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Lightning strikes, freak storms kill & injure 200+ across India (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Over 80 people have been killed in India by lightning strikes and thunderstorms that swept across five states. With hundreds of others injured, the National Weather Service is predicting more heavy rain and gusty winds. All hell broke loose in India on Sunday, when massive dust and thunderstorms began to spread across five states in India, reining havoc on the ...

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Apple’s App Store redesign improved app discovery, report finds

When Apple introduced its completely redesigned App Store last fall, one of its goals was to improve app discovery by placing a larger emphasis on editorial content – including things like “app of the day” picks, lists, how-to’s and even interviews with app developers, among other things. Now, a new study from Sensor Tower reveals those changes appear to have ...

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Hezbollah promises strikes against Israel’s ‘very heart’ if it continues crossing ‘red lines’

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah has warned Tel Aviv against crossing any more “red lines,” claiming that the latest Israeli strikes on Iranian targets in Syria already triggered an “entirely new” stage of the confrontation. “An entirely new phase” of armed resistance against Israel began last week, the leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, noted on Monday night, claiming that ...

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'Torture & war crimes': Former Gitmo detainee challenges waterboarding-apologist Green Beret

Waterboarding is an illegal and torturous practice, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee told RT after one Green Beret tried to justify the enchanted interrogation technique in support of Gina Haspel’s CIA appointment. “This kind of notion of a decent torture; or it is only torture when we say it is when it affects us; is complete hypocrisy and it opposes, ...

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Apple’s self-driving car fleet grows to 55 in California

Apple now has 55 self-driving cars registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, compared to 27 earlier this year and just three last year. That means Apple has the second largest fleet of self-driving cars in California, Mac Reports first pointed out. Apple now has more cars registered than Waymo, which has 51, according to the California DMV. General ...

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Bolton wants all of North Korea’s nukes shipped to US in exchange for ‘security assurances’

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser wants North Korea to ship all of its nuclear weapons to a US lab in Tennessee, to make sure Kim Jong-un follows through on his promise to dismantle the program. North Korea’s nuclear weapons should be dismantled and sent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee if Kim wants to see a relaxation ...

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Merkel says goal to boost military spending to NATO target is ‘not some fetish’ for Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that her commitment to bringing Berlin in line with the NATO defense spending target of two percent of GDP was not some “fetish” for Germany, but is reflective of changing security needs. Speaking at a biennial meeting of top German military officials, which she has not attended since 2012, Merkel said that it was ...

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