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Fake news forum evacuated over gas leak in Madrid

A gas leak in Madrid’s city center sparked an evacuation that disrupted a forum on fake news. Police stopped traffic and told several buildings to evacuate as authorities dealt with the leak. One of the buildings evacuated was the Circulo de Bellas Artes, where a forum on fighting fake news was being held. ‘Fake News: How to fight false news ...

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'Russian hackers' could have affected 2016 election in a few states, but didn't – Senate committee

The first interim report by the US Senate Intelligence Committee on alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election found no evidence of votes being manipulated by Russia’s alleged ‘malicious’ activity. In its preliminary report released on Tuesday, the committee claims that the so-called “actors affiliated with the Russian government” interfered with voting systems in at least 18 states, and ...

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Microsoft and Red Hat now offer a jointly managed OpenShift service on Azure

Microsoft and Red Hat are deepening their existing alliance around cloud computing. The two companies will now offer a managed version of OpenShift, Red Hat’s container application platform, on Microsoft Azure. This service will be jointly developed and managed by Microsoft and Red Hat and will be integrated into the overall Azure experience. Red Hat OpenShift on Azure is meant ...

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Uber and the US Army team up to make flying cars

The US Army and ridesharing company Uber have signed an agreement to develop technology that could be used for flying cars – or military aircraft. Uber and the US Army Research, Development and Engineering Command said that they would be spending $ 1 million to develop and test a rotor system that could allow vertical takeoff and landing. By utilizing ...

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Microsoft is looking to entice app developers with a better store revenue split

In the fractured, spammy world that is consumer PC software downloads, Microsoft is looking to make their Microsoft Store a more central hub but they need the help (and enthusiasm) of developers. In a major showing of good will, Microsoft is changing up their revenue sharing structure to give developers a bigger cut. Developers of consumer apps (not including games) ...

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'We slept as there was nothing to eat': Stories of New Year celebrations during Siege of Leningrad

Ahead of the Victory Day – a very personal day for many in Russia and beyond – RT shares recollections of people who lived, struggled and had little joys in their childhood tragically taken away during the Siege of Leningrad. The horrific Siege of Leningrad was one of the most lethal in world history, and lasted for 872 days, from September ...

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'Mistake of historic proportions': Trump takes heat from Dems & Republicans for quitting Iran deal

President Donald Trump has come under fire from both his political opponents and fellow Republicans for pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear deal, with lawmakers arguing the move will embolden Iran and make the US less secure. As the international community is reeling in the aftermath of Trump’s decision to tear up the landmark nuclear agreement with Iran, ...

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Armenians celebrate protest leader’s election with snowball fight (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Supporters of newly elected Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan celebrated in extraordinary fashion by unloading a truck full of ice in the capital Yerevan and staging a mass snowball fight. The bizarre skirmish heralded in a new era as opposition leader was voted into power by parliament at the expense of former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, who had been briefly ...

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UN is ‘abusive’ and ‘bullying’ Israel – Haley

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says she “just started yelling at everybody” when she saw how UN members were constantly “bullying” Israel for things like its settlement push into Palestine and crackdown on Gaza protesters. “It was abusive, how bad the international community was to Israel. It reminded me of a kid being bullied in the playground,” Haley ...

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Facebook united

Facebook was a mess. The independence it dangled to close acquisition deals with Instagram and WhatsApp turned the company into a tangle of overlapping products. Every app had its own messaging and Stories options. Economies of scale were squandered. Top innovators led mature products already bursting at the seams with features while new opportunities went unseized. Facebook was effectively drowning ...

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