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Make Turkey great again: Erdogan trumpets more Syria ops & ‘100% local arms’ in bold manifesto

Ankara will conduct more cross-border military operations in Syria and will focus on developing a fully self-sufficient defense industry, the Turkish president said, unveiling his ruling party’s manifesto ahead of June elections. “Turkey will launch new operations in the new period, like Operation Euphrates Shield and Operation Olive Branch, to clear its borders from terrorists,” president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, ...

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Iran calls $6bn US court verdict a ‘mockery’ of justice, Americans & 9/11 attacks victims

Accusing Washington of attempts to “rewrite history,” Iran has firmly rejected as a “mockery” of the justice system the US court’s recent default ruling which ordered Tehran to pay over $ 6 billion in damages to 9/11 victims. “Issuing such an absurd and unacceptable verdict mocks not only the international legal system but also the survivors and families of the ...

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Ride the Msta-S howitzer through Red Square in RT 360’s V-day parade rehearsal VIDEO

RT 360’s panoramic footage from an Msta-S self-propelled howitzer offers an exclusive glimpse of Moscow’s city lights during the rehearsal for Victory Day parade, which will mark the 73rd anniversary of victory in World War II. Experience an exclusive drive through Russia’s iconic Red Square from a unique perspective, with full control of the scene in RT 360’s panoramic video, ...

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CIA image at stake? Trump's spy chief nominee Haspel mulled withdrawal amid torture record scrutiny

The CIA and the White House have rushed to support Gina Haspel, who reportedly mulled withdrawing from her nomination to the top spy post, amid public scrutiny of her alleged deep involvement in the agency’s torture practices. Unwilling to further discredit the CIA’s already quite controversial ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques used on suspected terrorists, 61-year-old Haspel reportedly asked, at a White ...

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We love augmented reality, but let’s fix things that could become big problems

Cyan BanisterContributor Cyan Banister is a partner at Founders Fund, where she invests across sectors and stages with a particular interest in augmented reality, fertility, heavily regulated industries and businesses that help people with basic skills find meaningful work. More posts by this contributor Penn Jillette Turns To FundAnything To Become A Bad Guy Despite Flaws, Ashton As Jobs Is ...

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Putin talks past & future challenges, thanks incumbent cabinet ahead of inauguration

Vladimir Putin has thanked the government for their efforts in overcoming past challenges, and briefly outlined future ones, in a meeting with a cabinet that will resign on Monday, the day of the Russian President’s inauguration. “It is important to maintain and develop such new approaches and, in general, to ensure the continuity in work, the continuity and consistency in ...

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Routine spying? Two US surveillance planes peek over Russia’s Kaliningrad borders

Two US spy planes were spotted over the Baltic Sea close to Russia’s borders. One of the aircraft was reportedly intercepted by a Su-27 fighter, in what is becoming a routine aerial encounter, according to the Russian military. The US surveillance planes conducted several flights near the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on Saturday, according to Mil Radar, a military plane-spotter’s ...

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RT peeks into Kremlin’s great halls ahead of Putin’s inauguration (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin will ascend a massive, 66-step stairway and pass through many historic rooms in the Kremlin before his inauguration ceremony. RT offers you a sneak preview of the lavish halls where the ceremony will take place. RT’s Igor Zhdanov got into the gilded halls of the Kremlin, walking the same route Putin is set to take ahead of his ...

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‘My wife could be a widow’: Off-duty cop draws gun on shopper he suspected of stealing mints (VIDEO)

Shocking surveillance footage shows an off-duty California officer draw his firearm at a man who he thought was stealing a $ 1.19 pack of Mentos mints from a gas station store. The man, identified as Jose Arreola, had purchased his mints before the off-duty officer walked into the Orange County mini-mart and stood behind him. Arreola, who has short hair ...

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Helicopter carrying bride crashes, bursts into flames, wedding goes ahead (VIDEOS)

A Brazilian bride certainly made a show-stopping entrance when the helicopter carrying her to her wedding crashed in front of guests and later went up in flames. The crash did not stop the exchange of wedding vows, however. Miraculously, the bride escaped the incident unscathed and went on to say ‘I do’ as planned at a vineyard north of Sao ...

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