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Ukrainian nationalists plan Victory Day counter-march to honor SS veterans

Ukrainian nationalists plan to walk on Victory Day with photos of their relatives, who fought for the Nazis as part the SS 1st Galician Division during World War II, to counter the Immortal Regiment Marches held in the country. The Immortal Regiment tradition was launched in Russia a decade ago and has since then been picked up internationally, as millions ...

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Czech President's 'Novichok bombshell' undermines London's credibility in Skripal case

The UK’s intelligence services seem to have lost all remaining credibility, after the Czech President’s admission that his country had previously produced a nerve agent similar to the one Britain claims was used against Skripals. “I think there are problems in and around the English spy agencies, who seem to be quite ready to manufacture evidence, in the case of ...

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Lava outbreak triggers evacuations in Hawaii amid fears of imminent eruption (VIDEOS)

People in the vicinity of the Big Island’s Kilauea crater are being evacuated as lava threatens residential areas, after the most active volcano in Hawaii was disturbed by hundreds of small quakes and started shooting out ash. The lava outbreak has reached the Leilani Estates on the Hawaii island, forcing the County Civil Defense to issue evacuation orders to some ...

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Chrome on desktop now mutes annoying autoplays by learning from your behavior

There’s little that’s more annoying on the web than videos that start playing automatically and with their volume up. Over the course of the last few years, Chrome and other browser vendors have started to combat this, but for the most part, those solutions relied on the user explicitly taking action. Now, following the launch of a similar feature on ...

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Scores of NATO-made mines found amid massive ammo cache in Syria’s Douma (VIDEO)

Hundreds of mines, some said to originate from NATO countries, as well as scores of mortar shells and frag grenades have been retrieved by Syrian sappers in the town of Douma. The mine-clearing effort was caught on camera. A stunning amount of projectiles, among them land mines, hand grenades and mortar shells, were recorded strewn on the ground in Douma, ...

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‘Extremely urgent’: Sweden makes sex education films for migrants (VIDEO)

The Swedish government is pumping funding into a series of educational films to teach immigrant women about sex and their reproductive rights, with the social affairs minister calling the project an “extremely urgent” one. The animated films are the work of the Swedish Association for Sexual Education (RFSU). The sexual health charity has created 11 videos so far and they ...

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You should change your Twitter password right now

Yes, it’s that time again — password changing time. On Thursday, Twitter revealed that a bug caused the platform to store user passwords in unmasked form. Normally, sensitive personal data like passwords would be stored in hashed form using a mix of letters and numbers to protect the content of the password itself. In this instance, it sounds like Twitter ...

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Machines will never replace humans, Alibaba’s Jack Ma tells students

Creativity will always give humans an edge over machines, Alibaba founder Jack Ma told students at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Ma, 53, was in Israel to receive an honorary doctorate and explore business opportunities for Alibaba Group, one of the biggest corporations in the world. He received a honorary doctorate from Tel Aviv University on Thursday, and gave a ...

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‘Change your password!’ Twitter urges 330 million users after ‘internal glitch’

An internal “bug” left millions of Twitter passwords potentially exposed for months in a plain text file, the company revealed, as it urged hundreds of millions of users to change their passwords as a precaution. Twitter is supposed to “hash” passwords, using a process called “bcrypt,” before they are stored internally, so the actual passwords are masked for security. A ...

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‘Ukraine won’t belong to Yids!’ Odessa nationalist leader stirs crowd on massacre anniversary

The rule of ‘Yids and oligarchs’ will be abolished in Ukraine and the country will again belong to Ukrainians, the head of the Odessa branch of the Right Sector far-right group promised, during a large nationalist rally this week. The so-called ‘March of Ukrainian Order’ assembled several thousand people in Odessa as demonstrators in the Black Sea port carried flags ...

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