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Apple steals Google’s AI chief

Apple has just poached one of Google’s top AI executives in a move likely to have far-reaching consequences. Apple has hired John Giannandrea, previously Google’s head of AI and Search, The New York Times reports. Giannandrea will lead Apple’s “machine learning and A.I. strategy,” the Cupertino company said in a statement to the Times; he will be one of only 16 ...

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Facebook launches bulk app removal tool amidst privacy scandal

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, users have flocked to their Facebook privacy settings to sever their connection to third-party apps that they no longer wanted to have access to their data. But deleting them all took forever because you had to remove them one by one. Now Facebook has released a new way to select as many apps as you ...

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Desecration of Eucharist? Drone delivers ‘Body of Christ’ to altar during Brazil Easter mass (VIDEO)

A Catholic church in Brazil has come under fire for its innovative yet controversial approach to carrying the Blessed Sacrament to the altar during an Easter Sunday mass. Footage recorded at São Geraldo Magela church in the Archdiocese of Sorocaba on Easter Sunday shows a drone flying in the door and delivering the Eucharist to the priest during mass. The ...

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US military helicopter crashes in California

A US Marine Corps helicopter has had an “incident” while flying over Plaster City, California, the US Navy has confirmed, releasing no immediate details on casualties. “We are currently still responding to what we have confirmed as a single helicopter incident. We ask that you continue to be patient with us as the situation unfolds,” Naval Air Facility El Centro ...

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Trump should invest in Amazon, not destroy it

For those who live under a rock (which, these days, I would recommend), President Donald Trump has become increasingly belligerent toward Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos. In addition to a sequence of tweets against the e-commerce and cloud giant, Gabriel Sherman reported in Vanity Fair yesterday that “Now, according to four sources close to the White House, Trump is ...

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Indian government holds back on ‘fake news’ crackdown

The Indian government has withdrawn the announcement of new rules which would strip journalists who disseminate “fake news” of their accreditation, after critics called the proposed law an attack on press freedom. “The prime minister has directed that the press statement regarding fake news be withdrawn and the matter be addressed in the Press Council of India,” a senior official ...

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'US gun violence so common YouTube HQ incident doesn't even qualify as mass shooting'

Deadly shootings are such a common occurrence in the US that the incident at YouTube headquarters, in which three people were injured, would not even make national news if it happened at a less prominent location, experts told RT. Three people have been injured by gunfire at the YouTube campus in San Bruno, California, after a female shooter stormed the ...

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Amazon opens Echo Button games to developers

Echo Buttons are one of the stranger bits of hardware to come out of the Amazon labs in recent memory. Announced alongside the latest Echos, the little light up devices are designed to bring interactive game play to the Alexa Echo system. The company’s already announced a handful of compatible titles, and it seems that list is about to get ...

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Check your ‘Christian privilege’: George Washington University hosts controversial workshop

The prestigious George Washington University in the US capital is hosting a seminar on ‘Christian privilege.’ The premise that white Christians benefit from “built-in advantages” in the US has sparked fury on social media. The ‘Excellence in Leadership’ workshop is titled ‘Christian Privilege: But Our Founding Fathers Were All Christian, Right?!’ According to the university website, it will explore how ...

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Facebook reveals Russian troll content, shuts down 135 IRA accounts

Facebook is showing an unprecedented level of transparency around its latest effort to suspend Russian trolls trying to influence elections and mislead the public as it tries to regain the trust of users and the government. The company shared both stats about the account deletions and samples of the content they shared. Facebook has removed 70 Facebook accounts, 138 Facebook ...

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