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‘Something broken in US State Dept?’ Russian Embassy bewildered by Nauert’s Twitter eruption

The Russian Embassy in Washington DC believes that something might be “broken” in the US State Department, given the recent barrage of tweets targeting Moscow by spokesperson Heather Nauert. Over the last 24 hours, Heather Nauert has unleashed a massive anti-Russian campaign on Twitter: Blaming Russia for civilian casualties in Syria; praising the controversial Oscar-winning ‘Icarus’ documentary for exposing Putin’s ...

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Tillerson pits Beijing’s ‘predatory’ Africa expansion against Washington’s ‘responsible’ support

China’s rapidly growing influence on the African continent is worrying the US Secretary of State. He claims that its investments are detrimental, unlike Washington’s “responsible” promotion of the “rule of law.” The Chinese approach to relations with the African countries “encourages dependency” through the use of “opaque contracts, predatory loan practices, and corrupt deals that mire [the African] nations in ...

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Sneak Squad: FBI paid Geek Squad staff as informants, new documents reveal

Newly released documents show that a Best Buy Geek Squad, based in Kentucky, has forged secret ties to US law enforcement agencies much deeper than previously thought, violating its customers’ constitutional rights. The new documents were released after the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in May 2017, which unearthed a complex relationship between ...

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Florida lawmakers pass gun bill that allows arming ‘some’ school staff

Published time: 8 Mar, 2018 00:28 Edited time: 8 Mar, 2018 00:42 By a narrow margin, Florida legislators have passed controversial gun safety legislation limiting sales of certain firearms and providing for the arming of some school staff, in the wake of the recent massacre in Parkland. Senate Bill 7076 passed by a 67-50 vote on Wednesday evening, after over ...

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Facebook adds video chat to Messenger Lite, its pared-down Android app

After bringing its pared-down Android app Messenger Lite to mature markets like the US and UK last autumn, Facebook is expanding its features to ramp up engagement. Today, the company announced that it is adding video chat into the mix. Messenger Lite, first launched in 2015, was initially part of an effort from Facebook to build more apps to boost usage ...

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Pizza planet? NASA’s striking new Jupiter images detail gas planet cyclones (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The cyclone-infested upper atmosphere of our solar system’s biggest planet has been unveiled in intricate detail, with striking new images from NASA’s Juno probe. Mission data shows Jupiter’s storms run far deeper than thought. While Jupiter’s upper atmosphere has been extensively studied already, what lies beneath has been shrouded in mystery – and a lot of gas – until now. ...

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Student killed in ‘accidental’ shooting at Alabama high school

One student has been killed at a high school in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, while another is in critical condition. The shooting was “accidental,” local authorities said, without elaborating. “Two students were involved in a shooting during dismissal today at Huffman High School. The school was placed on a brief lockdown, and police were called to the scene. Students ...

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Israeli airline seeks UN help in bid to fly over forbidden Saudi airspace

Israeli airline El Al has sent a letter to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), asking the UN body to influence Riyadh to allow it to reroute flights between Tel Aviv and India through Saudi airspace. On Wednesday, Air India announced that it has been granted permission to use Saudi Arabian airspace for direct flights from Delhi to Tel Aviv, ...

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Here’s the first developer preview of Android P

Just like in the last twoyears, Google is using the beginning of March to launch the first developer preview of the next version of Android. Android P, as it’s currently called, is still very much a work in progress and Google isn’t releasing it into its public Android beta channel for over-the-air updates just yet. That’ll come later. Developers, however, ...

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US agents untrained to vet Islamic radicals, have poor grasp of jihadist threat, experts warn

US law enforcers aren’t trained to detect Islamic radicals, which enabled a suspected Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist to remain off the radar in America for seven years, attorney Jennifer Breedon told RT. Saudi national, Naif Abdulaziz Alfallaj, who trained at the Al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan together with some of the 9/11 plane hijackers, was detained in Oklahoma in February. He arrived in ...

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