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Indian butcher chops off son’s hand over ‘porn & cellphone addiction’

A butcher in India, angered by his son’s addiction to online pornography, has chopped off his right hand as a brutal punishment for the teenager’s refusal to surrender his smartphone. The barbaric incident unfolded near the city of Hyderabad, where an 18-year-old Mohammad Khalid Qureshi refused to obey repeated warnings from his 45-year-old father, who was trying to put an ...

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All-Seeing Eye: Google working with Pentagon on using AI for drone improvement

Ubiquitous IT giant Google has silently inked a partnership with the Department of Defense to militarize artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, reinvigorating fears of a Terminator-style apocalyptic scenario. Google has been secretly working with the Pentagon in order to help its 1,100-strong fleet of drones to detect images, faces, and behavioral patterns, and plans to scour through massive amounts ...

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The day that changed your phone forever

Whether you’re a developer who’s working on mobile apps, or just someone enjoying the millions of apps available for your phone, today is a very special day. It’s the 10-year anniversary of the original iPhone SDK. I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that this release changed a lot of people’s lives. I know it changed mine and had a ...

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US man who hunted for a child ‘sex slave’ he could ‘cannibalize’ is released on bail

A Myrtle Beach man who voiced his perverse criminal intentions to an undercover cop has been released on $ 20,000 bond. He was among 40 suspects arrested in South Carolina’s largest crackdown on prostitution and sex trafficking. Justin Teeter Bensing, 36, was apprehended by Greenville county police during Operation Milestone, after he solicited sex from an undercover cop disguised as ...

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A tale of two startups with ‘superstore’ ambitions: Robinhood and Cadre

The buzzy startups Robinhood and Cadre are known for different things. Five-year-old Robinhood has established its reputation by offering commission-free stock trading, while three-year-old Cadre burst onto the scene with a real estate investing platform. Yet both have developed similar ambitions to become financial “superstores,” using the Amazon playbook of starting in one place, and quickly expanding into other terrain. ...

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‘Not in a million years’: Duterte says ICC has no jurisdiction over him in drug war probe

Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterte has refused to recognize the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over his persona in its preliminary probe of the tactics and abuses in the nation’s war on drugs. Earlier this month the ICC, based in the Hague, opened a preliminary investigation into Duterte’s war on drugs, probing potential crimes against humanity in a ruthless campaign which has ...

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ISIS video of Niger ambush puts spotlight back on US mission in Africa

The US military mission in Niger is under renewed scrutiny after ISIS released a video of the October 2017 ambush that killed four US soldiers. Their unit was reportedly hunting a senior IS member without proper orders. Four members of the US military were killed and another four injured in October 2017, after their patrol was ambushed by Islamic State ...

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Google brings Lens to all Google Photos users on Android

Google Lens, the company’s visual search engine that can recognize what’s in your images and scan business cards, among other things, is now rolling out to all Google Photos users on Android. This marks Google’s first major expansion for Lens, which was previously only available to those who had access to the latest Pixel phones. On those phones, Lens also ...

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World has no plan in place for next cataclysmic eruption – volcanologists

A team of volcanologists has warned that world governments are almost entirely unprepared for the next cataclysmic volcanic eruption, which could trigger unprecedented death, destruction and migration on a global scale. The Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) scale classifies eruption incidents, and runs from zero to eight. Eruptions designated as ‘VEI-7’ level events occur just once or twice every thousand years ...

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US sanctions North Korea over assassination of Kim Jong-nam with VX nerve agent

Published time: 7 Mar, 2018 00:43 Washington has imposed additional sanctions against Pyongyang, formally accusing it of involvement in the assassination of the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Malaysia in 2017 using a chemical warfare agent. “The United States determined under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 (CBW Act) that ...

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