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No one wants to build a “feel good” internet

If there is one policy dilemma facing nearly every tech company today, it is what to do about “content moderation,” the almost-Orwellian term for censorship. Charlie Warzel of Buzzfeed pointedly asked the question a little more than a week ago: “How is it that the average untrained human can do something that multibillion-dollar technology companies that pride themselves on innovation ...

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German anthem may soon go gender neutral

Germany might not be the “Fatherland” for much longer, as the country’s equality boss reportedly wants to tweak the national anthem by removing any male-specific language in the pursuit of gender neutrality. The equality commissioner at the Family Ministry, Kristin Rose-Moehring, has called for the lyrics of Germany’s national anthem to become more inclusive, German media reported Sunday, citing her ...

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'Russian doping'-themed documentary wins Oscar in politicized ceremony

“Icarus,” a documentary that credits claims of Russian state-sponsored athletics doping won an Oscar at the highly politicized awards ceremony. It beat another film praising the controversial White Helmets in Syria’s Aleppo. ‘Icarus’ director Bryan Fogel and producer Dan Cogan picked up their statuette at Sunday night’s Academy Awards in Los Angeles. The film sees Fogel solicit the help of ...

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Teen jailed for life after police thwart terrorist attack on Justin Bieber concert

A Welsh teen has been jailed for life for planning a terrorist attack on a Justin Bieber concert. The boy was caught by police with a hammer and “martyrdom letter”, that declared him a soldier of the Islamic State. 17-year-old Lloyd Gunton from Rhondda Cynon Taff was arrested in June 2017. He was captured by police on the same day ...

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Russia won’t cut off gas to Europe despite ‘politically motivated’ court decision, says legal expert

A court decision to order Gazprom to pay $ 2.6 billion to Ukraine’s Naftogaz, while “very politically motivated,” is unlikely to end Russian gas supplies to a freezing Europe, labor and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik told RT. Read more Russia’s energy giant announced on Friday that it is going to terminate its contract with Naftogaz for the supply and ...

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Front-door tech is hot, and it’s not just Amazon who wants in

Joanna GlasnerContributor Joanna Glasner is a reporter for Crunchbase. More posts by this contributor: Not a minimalist? Startups will gladly store, manage and deliver your items The state of the unicorn Most of us tend to think people trying to open the door when we’re away want to steal stuff. Amazon.com would like to change that assumption. The e-commerce giant shelled out ...

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1,200 pages of 'gay' priests' explicit chats, photos given to Vatican

A dossier, which purports to expose the double life of 34 Italian priests, has been submitted to the Vatican by the by the Archdiocese of Naples. The lawyer-turned-gay escort who compiled the list claims the clerics were all gay. In the latest scandal to rock the Catholic church, 34 priests and six seminarians were identified as homosexuals in an explosive ...

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Comedian Colbert is ‘danger to this country’, Nunes believes

Comedian Stephen Colbert is no laughing matter, according to House Intelligence Committee head Devin Nunes, who said his jokes are a “danger.” He accused Democrats of using Hollywood to deflect evidence of their own wrongdoings. Rep. Nunes (R-California) was the butt of jokes in an episode of the Late Show, which saw Colbert travel to Washington, DC to question congressmen ...

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Russian presidential hopeful Sobchak doused with water

Russian presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak has been doused with water. The attacker reportedly acted in “retaliation” for Sobchak earlier pouring a glass of water on another candidate, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The incident took place on Sunday in Moscow in a building where former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev’s birthday was celebrated. The candidate’s official website says that an assailant doused Sobchak with ...

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