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No one wants to build a “feel good” internet

If there is one policy dilemma facing nearly every tech company today, it is what to do about “content moderation,” the almost-Orwellian term for censorship. Charlie Warzel of Buzzfeed pointedly asked the question a little more than a week ago: “How is it that the average untrained human can do something that multibillion-dollar technology companies that pride themselves on innovation ...

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'Dark clouds of a war': North Korea will 'counter US' if it holds drills with Seoul

North Korea has threatened to “counter the US” if Washington holds joint military exercises with Seoul while still enforcing sanctions against Pyongyang. “If the US finally holds joint military exercises while keeping sanctions on the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea], the DPRK will counter the US by its own mode of counteraction and the US will be made to ...

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Person 'suffers self-inflicted gunshot wound outside White House' – Secret Service

An individual has reportedly suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound along the north fence line of the White House, the Secret Service tweeted. The agency added that personnel are responding to the scene. Footage circulating in the US media appeared to show a man lying on the ground at the scene. The Secret Service tweeted that there are no other injuries ...

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Snow place to hide: Police raid cannabis farm thanks to tip-off from ice-free roof

Police in West Yorkshire raided a large cannabis farm with a little help from the snow (or lack thereof) after officers noticed a home with a remarkably ice-free roof, despite blizzard conditions in the area. Keighley police officers searched the property after noticing the suspicious absence of snow from a rooftop among a row of houses with white-blanketed tiles. Upon ...

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Russian teens discover new Arctic island, discuss their success with RT (VIDEO)

Two teenagers from Moscow Region have become groundbreakers after their newly-discovered island in the Arctic was confirmed by the navy hydrographic service. The islands were pinpointed using satellite imagery. An extracurricular project studying satellite photographs of glaciers led to quite a discovery for Valeria Sayenko, 15, and Artyom Makarenko, 14. The teenagers were watching the ice masses shrink near the ...

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‘Angel of Death’ AC-130 gunship promo vid ignites backlash against Pentagon

When the Pentagon posted some war porn on Twitter it should have been prepared for a major backlash, especially when using the nickname ‘Angel of Death,’ which formerly belonged to infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. The tweet, posted on February 28, has garnered over 5,000 retweets and almost 14,000 likes. However, the discussion in the comments section below the tweet ...

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Grand theft crypto: 600 bitcoin-mining computers stolen in Iceland

In what has been dubbed the “big bitcoin heist,” 600 computers used to mine cryptocurrencies have been stolen in Iceland. The powerful computers are worth almost $ 2 million. The computers were stolen from data centers across the country. Police said it’s the biggest series of robberies to happen in Iceland, and it’s believed to be connected to organized crime, ...

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Bitcoin 'should prevail if it generates trust, eradicates bureaucracy' – ex-Mexican president to RT

The host of RT’s ‘Cryptolium,’ Miguel Francis-Santiago, travels to the World Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore to see what the future holds for bitcoin. He spoke with three of the forum’s attendees: Jean Claude Donato, former managing director of eBay Asia; Vicente Fox, president of Mexico from 2000 to 2006; and Miko Matsumura, founder of Evercoin and partner at the ...

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Pig’s blood & hate speech: Germany registered 950 attacks on Muslims in 2017

The German government registered at least 950 cases of Muslims and mosques being targeted or attacked in 2017. Muslim leaders claim that the figure accounts for only a fraction of crimes committed against Muslims in Germany. Read more In almost all cases, the perpetrators of the attacks were right-wing extremists, according to local media which obtained the data provided to lawmakers ...

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US war with North Korea ‘worth it’ – Lindsey Graham

The damage caused by a US war with North Korea would be “worth it,” Senator Lindsey Graham said. The comments further fuel speculation the US is gearing up for action against Pyongyang. “All the damage that would come from a war would be worth it in terms of long-term stability and national security,” the Republican senator from South Carolina told ...

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