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NBC exec Jennifer Salke named head of Amazon Studios

Amazon Studios has finally found a replacement for Roy Price after the executive stepped down in mid-October over sexual harassment claims. Jennifer Salke will be filling in the top spot at the online studio after serving for six years as NBC’s Entertainment President. “We are thrilled to announce that Jennifer Salke will be joining us as the Head of Amazon Studios,” Amazon said in a statement provided ...

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YouTube will remove ads and downgrade discoverability of channels posting offensive videos

After barring Logan Paul earlier today from serving ads on his video channel, YouTube has now announced a more formal and wider set of sanctions it’s prepared to level on any creator that starts to post videos that are harmful to viewers, others in the YouTube community, or advertisers. As it has done with Paul (on two occasions now), the ...

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Facebook picks up half-hour dramedy series starring Elizabeth Olsen

Facebook isn’t one to be outdone by Apple’s recent big content spending: It’s purchasing a 10-episode, straight-to-series half-hour drama-comedy series produced and starring Elizabeth Olsen. The production also includes Lizzy Weiss on board as showrunner, Kit Steinkellner as creator and lead writer and Master of None‘s James Ponsoldt as a directly and executive producer for a number of  episodes. Deadline ...

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‘Bulletproof wood’ could revolutionize construction & defense industries (VIDEO)

Scientists at the University of Maryland have fortified wood using a process which makes it 12 times stronger, producing a natural substance more durable than many titanium alloys and capable of stopping high-speed projectiles. “This could be a competitor to steel or even titanium alloys, it is so strong and durable. It’s also comparable to carbon fiber, but much less ...

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US ambassador clashes with Israeli Haaretz paper over who lacks more ‘decency’

An Haaretz correspondent, who has been attacked for an opinion piece criticizing David Friedman’s support for Israeli settlements, has told RT he stands by the freedom of speech, something the US ambassador knows little about. “I still think, and cannot think otherwise, that all the settlements are in violation of international law,” Haaretz Correspondent Gideon Levy, at the center of ...

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Cernovich for Congress? Controversial US blogger fuels rumors of political bid

Prominent right-wing blogger Mike Cernovich has spurred speculation that he might run for Congress. The platform he hinted at on Twitter would include student loan debt reform and investigation of Hollywood sex abuse. In a series of tweets on Friday, Cernovich laid out his platform. The most prominent proposals include enabling students “conned into the higher education scam” to discharge ...

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50+ Palestinians injured in clashes with IDF on 10th weekly ‘Day of Rage’ (VIDEO)

At least 57 people have been injured by Israeli forces who used live ammunition to suppress the tenth ‘Friday of Rage’ protests that have gripped the Palestinian territories since the US recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Massive clashes have once again erupted across the occupied West Bank and Gaza following Friday prayers. Israeli security forces moved in to put down ...

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Changes needed: Trump returns ‘sensitive’ memo to House Democrats

US President Donald Trump has declined to make public a memo written by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, saying that it requires additional revisions to remove sensitive and classified information. The 10-page document, authored by Representative Adam Schiff (D-California), contains “numerous properly classified and especially sensitive passages,” says a letter from the White House counsel Don McGahn, sent to ...

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‘Crush up your cocaine so it doesn’t hurt your nose’: Spanish drug leaflet sparks fiery debate

Authorities in the northern Spanish city of Zaragoza have come under fire for a controversial booklet which advises readers how to best rack up lines of cocaine. The 31-page pamphlet, titled “Drugs: the world, the neighborhood,” is filled with tips on how to use both legal intoxicants, like alcohol and tobacco, as well as more unsavory mind-altering substances like speed, ...

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Russian tycoon Deripaska threatens lawsuit over rumors of corrupt ties to top official

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska has dismissed “false accusations” and is ready to take the issue to court after a video of his alleged meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister on a luxury yacht sparked corruption allegations. The controversy erupted after footage emerged online, allegedly showing the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko vacationing with Russian aluminum tycoon Deripaska on his ...

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