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There’s no App Store ’emoji apocalypse,’ just inconsistent policy enforcement

A number of iOS app developers have been mystified by a new wave of app rejections related to their use of Apple’s emojis. They’ve suspected that a new App Store crackdown is underway. However, the company hasn’t changed its policy on Apple emoji usage in apps, nor its enforcement, according to sources familiar with the App Store review team’s processes. The ...

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Sports arbitration court upholds Olympic ban against 47 Russian athletes & coaches

The Ad hoc Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport has rejected the appeals of the Russian athletes and coaches, stating that invitation to the Olympics lies within the competence of the International Olympic Committee. CAS has “dismissed the application filed on 6 February 2018 by 32 Russian athletes against the International Olympic Committee. It has also dismissed the ...

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Facebook brings animation tools to its Quill VR painting app

After having declared last year that the app would receive no future updates, Facebook is delivering a big update to its VR painting tool Quill. The update expands on Quill’s initial promise, expanding it from being a platform for designing static scenes to one that can handle dynamic animated ones. The new updates adds the ability for artists to craft and ...

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Formerly obese people will feel hungrier for the rest of their lives – study

Losing weight makes you hungrier, according to new research from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, explaining why it can be difficult to keep fat off after losing weight. The findings, published in the American Journal of Physiology, Endrocrinology and Metabolism, show that when we lose weight our stomachs produce more ghrelin, which makes the body feel hungry. “Everyone ...

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Misconduct complaints rise in US military, but fewer senior officers found guilty

While the number of complaints filed against senior US military and defense officials increased, fewer Department of Defense officers were actually found guilty of misconduct last year, according to data from DoD investigators. Some 803 complaints were made in the last fiscal year compared with 787 the previous year. Only 144 were considered credible and subsequently investigated by the Inspector ...

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Apple addresses iOS source code leak, says it appears to be tied to three-year-old software

Earlier this week, iOS source code showed up on GitHub, raising concerns that hackers could find a way to comb the material for vulnerabilities. Apple has confirmed with TechCrunch that the code appears to be real, but adds that it’s tied to old software.  The material is gone now, courtesy of a DMCA notice Apple sent to GitHub, but the ...

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‘Search bias & leveraging dominance’: Google fined $21mn by Indian antitrust watchdog

Google has been fined $ 21 million by India’s antitrust watchdog after being accused of search bias and abusing its dominant position. The search giant says it is reviewing the complaints. The Competition Commission of India (CCI) said in a 190-page order that Google was “found to be indulging in practices of search bias and by doing so, it causes ...

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Another government shutdown looms as budget deal hits snag in Senate

The White House is preparing for the second US government shutdown in three weeks, after the budget deal negotiated by Republicans and Democrats was delayed in the Senate. A two-year, $ 300 billion budget deal negotiated on Wednesday would increase the funding for both military and civilian programs, and was deemed a fair compromise by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ...

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‘Extraordinary devastation’: Mosul healthcare inadequate months after ‘liberation’ – UNICEF to RT

The healthcare system in Mosul is still far from adequate due to the “massive extent of devastation” inflicted, more than six months since the end of the battle for the city, UNICEF’s representative in Iraq told RT. The situation in Mosul remains tough, with its residents having extremely limited access to health facilities, despite all the efforts of the United ...

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Deadly 70-car pile up caught on CCTV (VIDEO)

Iowa authorities have released footage of a massive 70-car pile up in which one person was killed. The footage captured on a traffic camera was released by the Iowa Department of Transport. It shows motorists on Iowa’s Interstate 35 battle with rough, snowy driving conditions near Ames. It captures the multi-vehicle crash as it unfolds. One person was killed and ...

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