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Pentagon logistics agency lost track of $800 million – report

In the latest instance of negligent bookkeeping at the Pentagon, its Defense Logistics Agency has failed to account for more than $ 800mn intended for construction projects, Politico has revealed citing an audit by Ernst & Young. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) does not have the proper paperwork to account for at least $ 465 million it allegedly spent on ...

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The creator of Snoo, the $1200 high tech bassinet just came out with a baby swaddle

“Five second” baby swaddle Sleepea (pronounced “sleepy”) is a sleep sack for your little one promising to be more efficient and effective than the other swaddles on the market. This is the second product to debut from Happiest Baby founder Dr. Harvey Karp, the creator of the Snoo, a $ 1200 robot bassinet that rocks and vibrates your baby to ...

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US man who filmed himself raping 3-month-old baby sentenced to life without parole

A 38-year-old man from Texas has been sentenced to four consecutive life sentences for repeatedly raping a 3-month-old relative and filming it, after the jury heard horrific accounts of his numerous child abuse cases. David Vincent Akins Jr. was arrested in 2016 and charged with sexually abusing the 3-month-old girl after videos found on his personal computer revealed persistent abuses ...

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Failure to clap over US achievements ‘un-American’ & bordering on ‘treason’ – Trump

President Donald Trump has said the failure of Democrats to applaud his achievements during his State of the Union address could amount to treason. Democrats reacted by accusing Trump of not knowing what treason means. The US president lashed out against the Democratic Party during a speech in Ohio Monday, questioning why they failed to acknowledge the many notable accomplishments ...

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‘House of horror & torture’: Redevelopment of Gestapo HQ into luxury condo sparks anger in Hamburg

Families of Nazi torture victims are fuming over the transformation of the former Gestapo headquarters in Hamburg into a luxury condo at the expense of a memorial to those affected by the Secret Police’s atrocities. In 2009, city planners awarded a development contract to Quantum Immobilien to convert a complex of four buildings dating to the 19th century into a ...

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Is political pressure behind YouTube’s video labeling?

YouTube has started labeling videos by government-funded media after their recommendation program was the subject of a Guardian investigation and a letter from the Senate Intelligence Committee’s ranking Democrat. Senator Mark Warner (D-Virginia) slammed the video service for “optimizing for outrageous, salacious and often fraudulent content” and encouraging “manipulation by bad actors, including foreign intelligence entities,” after the UK-based Guardian ...

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Deportation or jail: Israel gives African migrants 60-day deadline to leave country

Israel has started issuing deportation orders to African migrants, giving them 60 days to return to their home countries or opt for an unnamed safe haven. Those failing to meet the deadline risk being sent to prison. Israel’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority delivered the first batch of notices Sunday, telling migrants they have to leave before April 1. The ...

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House approves release of Democrats’ rebuttal memo

The House Intelligence Committee has voted to publish the memo authored by the Democrats challenging last week’s majority report about the FBI and DOJ abuses of surveillance powers to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. On Monday evening, the committee voted unanimously to release the Democrats’ memo and sent it to the White House for final approval, following the same ...

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Why I decided to install Messenger Kids

I’ve been struggling with whether or not to download Facebook’s new app aimed at children, Messenger Kids, onto my daughter’s iPad. This weekend, I took the plunge. I sat with her as she typed her first message and sent a selfie. I watched as she discovered GIFs. I wasn’t sure I had done the right thing. No one wants to ...

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Presidency affects American happiness, especially if they’re rich

With Washington politics becoming increasingly acrimonious, the effects of ‘who is president’ are being felt far beyond the Beltway bubble – and wealthier Americans feel it more.     Seven out of ten Americans say the person serving as president has “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of impact on their optimism about the future of the US, according to ...

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