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Is fractured Libya finally ‘ready for democracy’ almost 7yrs since NATO ‘liberation’? (DEBATE)

Almost 7 years since NATO’s intervention left Libya in shambles, the country’s military strongman says it is still “not yet ready for democracy.” RT’s guests debate whether the UN-backed elections could help unite Libyans. It took a multi-state NATO coalition seven months to bomb out Libya and topple Muammar Gaddafi after the United Nations Security Council authorized a ‘no-fly zone’ ...

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Trump asks why so many immigrants come to US from ‘s***hole countries’ – reports

President Donald Trump reportedly asked why so many people from “s***hole countries” like El Salvador, Haiti and specific African nations come to the US. The resulting outrage could wreck bipartisan immigration reform. Trump reportedly became furious during a meeting at the White House Thursday when Senators Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) and Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) proposed restoring protections for immigrants from ...

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Google is shutting down Chrome’s parental control features, replacement to launch later this year

Google is preparing to launch a new set of parental control features for users of its Chrome browser. The announcement was made in an email sent this week to users of its current system for parental controls and other restrictions called “Chrome Supervised Users,” which is soon shutting down. Chrome Supervised Users was first launched into beta back in 2013. The feature ...

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US has de-facto occupied part of Syria & hinders humanitarian aid – Moscow

All limitations on the access of humanitarian convoys to the Rukban refugee camp in the Al-Tanf area of Syria – which is de-facto occupied by US forces – must be lifted, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said. Moscow has firmly emphasized “the need to respect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Syria in the implementation of humanitarian deliveries and the ...

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Walmart abruptly lays off 1,000s of workers, but raises pay for others due to tax reform

Without any warning, Walmart closed dozens of Sam’s Club stores and laid off thousands of workers. Meanwhile, the retail giant also announced some workers will get a raise, and others, a bonus of up to $ 1,000, citing tax reform. Walmart announced on Thursday it is closing 63 of its Sam’s Club stores. In some cases employees showed up to ...

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Ghoulish deep-sea fish wash up on Scottish beach (PHOTOS)

A number of ghoulish deep-sea fish have washed up on a Scottish beach. Judging by these pictures, they may well have come straight from the depths of hell. READ MORE: Meet the Mariana snailfish, the deepest living fish in the oceans (PHOTO, VIDEO) Walkers Jobrul Chamberlain and Bob Fitzpatrick found the monsters on St Cyrus beach in Aberdeenshire. They decided ...

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Virgin Galactic’s Unity spaceplane successfully completes first 2018 test flight

Virgin Galactic conducted its first spaceplane test of the year with a high-speed flight over California’s Mojave desert. The reusable winged spacecraft is designed to carry up to eight people beyond the final frontier. Thursday’s test flight, Unity’s eleventh, went according to plan. “The glide flight tested transonic flight performance, stability and control,” said Virgin Galactic in a statement following ...

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Top German court orders retrial of ‘Sharia police’ street vigilantes

Germany’s top court has tossed out a lower court’s ruling that found a group of uniformed German Salafists, who wandered the streets of a suburban town telling residents to abide by the strict Muslim code, in line with the law. Germany’s Federal Court of Justice ruled on Thursday that the lower court did not taken into account how the vigilantes’ ...

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Cost of first-ever Pentagon audit to soar beyond $900 million

The Pentagon is prepared to spend more than $ 900 million on its first ever financial audit. The Defense Department comptroller insists the high price is justified, because accurate figures will strengthen future decision making. The Pentagon has announced the audit will cost $ 367 million in Fiscal Year 2018. This will cover fees for independent public accounting firms at ...

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‘This is Netherlands, you have to answer questions’: New US ambassador grilled by Dutch journalists

A new US ambassador to the Netherlands has already landed in hot water at his first press conference when he refused to answer journalists’ questions. The event went south after the envoy was reminded of his earlier fiery remarks. His very first press conference as US ambassador to Amsterdam did not go well for Pete Hoekstra, the former US Congressman ...

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