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Kansas lawmaker ‘regrets’ saying African-Americans ‘respond the worst’ to marijuana due to genetics

State Representative Steve Alford (R-Kansas) has admitted he “was wrong” when he said African-Americans are more susceptible to using marijuana because of their “character makeup” and “genetics.” “I was wrong, I regret my comments and I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I have hurt,” Alford said Monday, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal. The firestorm that led to the retraction was ignited by ...

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Saudi women score access to football matches

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 03:31 Saudi Arabian women will be able to attend major sports events for the first time this Friday, as the Kingdom introduces one of its promised reforms to allow female fans at football matches. Opening football stadiums to women is part of the Gulf kingdom’s “Vision 2030” economic plan to modernize the conservative monarchy and ...

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Lost in space? Secret SpaceX Zuma satellite a total loss – reports

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 03:45 Edited time: 9 Jan, 2018 03:52 The highly classified and expensive government satellite launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral has reportedly been destroyed. SpaceX isn’t commenting on the allegedly failed mission, however. Despite the launch being shrouded in secrecy, SpaceX seemed to have successfully carried a mysterious government satellite from ...

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Google launches a new directory to help you discover Assistant actions

Google says you can now perform more than a million actions with the Google Assistant. Those range from looking up photos with Google Photos to starting a meditation session from Headspace. But one problem with voice assistants is that it’s very hard to discover which actions you actually can perform. For many users, that means they use their Google Home ...

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Facebook and Sony/ATV reach a licensing deal to let people post music videos

Facebook and Sony/ATV Music Publishing announced a multi-year licensing deal today that lets people upload and share video from Sony/ATV artists on Facebook, Instagram and the Oculus Rift platform. As part of the agreement, musicians will receive royalties for the use of their songs. Exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the publisher’s “songwriters will now benefit from ...

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Pyongyang & Seoul hold ‘serious and sincere’ high-level peace talks

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 02:46 Optimism is high as the much anticipated intra-Korean talks, the first in two years, kicked off Tuesday, with the head of the N. Korean delegation hoping the “serious and sincere” negotiations will deliver “valuable” results. “Today, North and South Korea will engage in talks in a serious and sincere stance,” Ri Son Gwon, the ...

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Royce rolls: Congressman, fervent decrier of Russia, won’t seek re-election

House Foreign Affairs Committee chief Ed Royce (R-California) says he will not run for a 14th term in 2018. Royce, who once claimed the success of RT is fueled by the “KGB,” however, still has his sights set on Russia. Royce, who represents California’s 39th congressional district in southeast Los Angeles and Orange County, made his announcement Monday. He is ...

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Samsung gets into digital whiteboards with the $2700 Flip

Digital whiteboards are a curiously popular project for big companies to dabble with lately. It’s one of those things companies build because they can – because they’ve already figured out all the tech involved with their other projects. Google has the Jamboard. Microsoft has the Surface Hub. And now, Samsung has the Flip. Details are still light, but the company ...

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Investors ask Apple to fight childhood ‘addiction’ to smartphones

Two major Apple investors want the company to do more to curb what they say is a growing addiction to smartphones and other technology by implementing software changes that would make them age-specific. In an open letter Saturday, they asked the company to give parents “more choices and tools to help them ensure that young consumers are using your products ...

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Ex-Google engineer fired for ‘diversity memo’ sues over anti-white male discrimination

Published time: 9 Jan, 2018 00:44 Edited time: 9 Jan, 2018 00:45 Former Google engineer James Damore has filed a class action lawsuit against Google, saying he was “ostracized, belittled and punished” for expressing unpopular, conservative opinions while he was employed by the internet giant. The lawsuit filed Monday in the Santa Clara Superior Court in Northern California by the ...

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