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Court upholds sacking of Paris doctor over ‘religious’ beard

A French court has upheld a decision by a Parisian hospital to sack an intern over his refusal to trim his beard, ruling that facial hair in a secular environment might be interpreted by staff and patients as a religious symbol. The case dates back to 2013-14, when Mohamed A, a medical student at the Egyptian University of Menoufia, became ...

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Prominent Muslim joins list of female Russian presidential candidates

The growing list of female Russian presidential hopefuls has received a new addition. A Muslim journalist who is the wife and adviser of a Russian mufti is the latest to submit her bid. Aina Gamzatova, a successful journalist and the head of Russia’s largest Muslim media holding, submitted her registration papers to the Central Elections Committee on Monday. She was ...

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Italian police find 12 homemade explosive devices after blasts in Turin injure 4 people

Four people have been injured following explosions of illegal pyrotechnic devices in Turin, Italy, which were hidden in rubbish bins during New Year celebrations. A police search discovered 12 more hidden explosive devices. The city of Turin, known for its refined architecture and cuisine, celebrated the arrival of 2018 with a massive street festival, with thousands of partygoers gathering in ...

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'Trump's support will not be welcomed by Iranian protesters'

With Iran engulfed by an ongoing wave of mass protests, US President Donald Trump has jumped at the opportunity to say that Iran needs “change.” But the US leader is failing to grasp the true nature of protests, analysts told RT. Just days before the New Year, Trump went on a Twitter spree, demonizing Iran and at the same time ...

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Fatah and Hamas slam 'US-enabled' Israeli resolution on West Bank annexation

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 23:18 Both rival Palestinian political groups have slammed a non-binding resolution passed by the ruling Israeli Likud party, which calls for the annexation of West Bank territory that the Palestinians see as their future state. On Sunday, the Likud Central Committee unanimously approved a non-binding resolution to annex Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria in ...

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Truck hits pedestrians & a car in San Francisco, multiple injuries

Published time: 2 Jan, 2018 00:16 Edited time: 2 Jan, 2018 00:47 A truck has plowed into pedestrians and a car in San Francisco, causing a number of injuries. Several medical crews have been dispatched to the scene. At least seven people were injured in the incident, which took place at about 3.30 pm local time. Two pedestrians suffered serious ...

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‘Wolf Moon’ opens 2018 – but are supermoons really so super? (PHOTOS)

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 23:56 Edited time: 1 Jan, 2018 23:57 At 5pm EST (22:00 GMT) the first moon of 2018 reached its perigee, the closest point in its orbit around the Earth at a distance of roughly 221,559 miles (356,565km). It’s called a supermoon – but how super is it? This moment coincided with the full moon in ...

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NZ revelers build sand island to defy alcohol ban, authorities admire their ingenuity

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 20:16 A group of New Year holidaymakers in New Zealand built a sand island in a bid to defy a local liquor ban, local media reports. The authorities turned out to be quite relaxed about it, too, It is illegal to consume alcohol on beaches or in other public places in the Coromandel area during ...

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What lies beneath: Melting Siberian permafrost has revealed some terrifying creatures (PHOTOS)

The Siberian unicorn – long believed to have died out 350,000 years ago – was actually still alive as recently as 29,000 years ago, according to the analysis of a well-preserved skull found in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan. Unicorn enthusiasts will be disappointed to learn that the extinct creature – also known as Elasmotherium sibiricum – had more in ...

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Two teams of firefighters spend 6 hours removing ring from man’s penis after cock-up

Published time: 1 Jan, 2018 19:56 Two crews of firefighters in Ipswich, England, spent six hours struggling to remove a ring from a man’s penis. They were called to assist at the emergency department of Ipswich Hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning. Initially, firefighters from Ipswich East Station were summoned to the hospital in response to the unusual ...

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